Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order prohibiting all entities (private and public) from administering vaccines in Texas.

Republican Abbott was one of the strongest US voices against mandatory vaccination against coronavirus.

Similar edicts have been issued since the beginning of the pandemic. But this time, the emperor includes both private employers and customers.

Governor Tom Wolf has asked for state legislatures to make a ban a law.

In a statement, Mr Abbott stated that the Covid-19 vaccine was safe and effective and is our best defense against the virus. However, it should be voluntary and not forced.

This will put him in direct competition with Joe Biden (Democratic President). Biden called for mandatory vaccinations to be introduced into the workplace by firms last month.

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Executive orders issued by the state usually have force of law but are subject to judicial review in cases where they violate laws or codes.

The requirement that masks be worn in state offices was lifted earlier this year by the governor. The governor also issued an executive order prohibiting mandatory vaccinations to employees of government agencies.

Two local courts opposed the order shortly after it was issued, and the Texas Education Agency declared that the ban would not be enforced.

In August, during an outbreak of coronavirus cases across the state, Mr Abbott was hospitalized. His quick recovery was due to him being fully vaccinated.

This latest order came as Abbott is under pressure from Don Huffines (former state senator) and Allen West (former Florida congressman). Each of these rivals are strong opponents to mandatory vaccines.

“[Mr Abbott]Knows which direction is the wind blowing. He is aware that the conservative Republican voter are sick of vaccine mandates, and tired of him as a leader who has failed. tweeted Mr Huffines.

Mandates have brought attention to many large businesses that are Texan-based.

American Airlines, which is based in Fort Worth and the country’s largest carrier, warned its 100,000 staff that they will be terminated if they failed to show proof of vaccination before 24 November.

Facebook and Google employ many people in the state. Employees were also advised by Google that proof of vaccination would be required to enter the office again.

In the United States, the debate over vaccine mandates is polarizing. They are viewed as being unconstitutional by critics, while proponents argue that they are necessary to combat a national epidemic which has already claimed the lives of more than 700,000.

Florida’s Republican governor, in May, banned vaccine passports from private companies. Montana’s Republican leaders also banned “discrimination” for vaccine status.

California, the nation’s first state to require students to get vaccinated for Covid in order to participate in live classes this month, was also making headlines. It has one of America’s highest rates for vaccination and mandates vaccinations for its medical staff.


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