The Duchess and Duke of Sussex are now partners in a New York City sustainable investment company.

Prince Harry and Meghan joined Ethic to advise wealthy clients about how they can invest more sustainably and prioritise issues such as climate change, human rights, and the environment.

Ethic is a company that manages $1.3bn in assets.

It claimed that the royals would allow it to “reach many billions around the globe”.

Former actor Meghan spoke exclusively to the New York Times. She said that she was not familiar with investing in her home country. The luxury of not being able to invest isn’t available. It sounds very fancy.

She added, “My husband says, “Gosh! Don’t you wish there were a place where your values and beliefs could be aligned so that you could invest your money in the same kind of things?”

Harry stated to the newspaper that he hopes the couple can encourage others, especially young people, to make sustainable investments with their money.

Thanks to millennials, sustainable investing has seen a rise in popularity over the past decade. The US saw a more than twofold increase in the number of ethical fund investments, reaching $51bn by 2020.

The younger generations already vote with their dollars and pounds when they choose the brands that interest them.

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This is their latest corporate partnership, since they moved to America as working royalty. In an effort to achieve financial independence, the couple has signed production contracts with Spotify and Netflix.

Harry produced an Apple TV+ documentary on mental health and is currently writing a memoir.

“[Harry and Meghan]We share many values, as do we, which is why they are likely to be able to identify with you. Ethic stated that this is why they are joining us as our impact partners.

“They are committed to helping resolve the key issues of our age – climate, gender equality and health, as well as strengthening democracy and racial justice – and they know that these issues are intrinsically interconnected.”


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