Hawkeye, a Marvel TV Show about a Superhero with Imposter Syndrome

By Michael Baggs
Newsbeat reporter

Image source, Marvel Studios

Which Avenger is the greatest? It’s not a criticism, but it’s unlikely that many will pick the Avenger with the bow & arrow when it comes the Marvel movies.

This is one thing Hawkeye explores in its new Disney+ TV series, Hawkeye. Here, the Avengers’ archer gets his chance at the limelight.

This series celebrates ten years since Jeremy Renner played Hawkeye/Clint Barton.

Rhys Thomas, director and executive producer of Radio 1 Newsbeat says that Clint “is a man that has been elevated into the status as Avenger but is still a human”

It’s about man struggling with self-worth and an element of imposter syndrome.

“That was part the fun. Coming in and dealing Hawkeye as your identity, but also knowing what the truth is inside.

When someone constantly doubts their skills, knowledge and achievements, it is called imposter syndrome. This can happen despite all evidence to the contrary.

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These are why Hawkeye, according to Jeremy, is so relatable to the fans.

“I have always loved the way he anchors Marvel Cinematic Universe’s fantasies (MCU) since he’s a superhero who doesn’t need superpowers,” Jeremy tells Newsbeat.

“It’s the reason they fight in the first place, because he has his children and family.”

“Ready to accept whatever comes my way.”

Hawkeye joins forces with Hailee, a franchise newcomer, to play the part of Kate Bishop, while big-name Avengers are not there.

Kate is an enthusiastic archer and super-fan of Hawkeye.

In a flashback, Kate is seen as a child watching the Avengers’ first movie. Hawkeye saves New York.

Clint Barton acts as mentor for the fan, and Clint Barton is an Avenger potential.

Hailee tells Newsbeat that “I felt like there were a similar dynamic among Kate and Clint than there was between me personally.”

“It was very exciting and I was always ready for anything that was presented to me – much like Kate.”

Kate Bishop is who?

Kate Bishop was a Marvel character since 2005 and eventually took over as Hawkeye in certain stories.

Her role was as a Young Avengers member, which is a group of teenager heroes who have similar abilities and powers to those seen in the MCU films.

These heroes were seen on previous Marvel TV shows, such as Speed in Wandavision and Wiccan. They will also be featured in Ms Marvel’s future productions.

Jeremy described shooting six hours of the series as being “a little harder” than filmmaking, yet even after a decade, he still loves his job and the people he is working with.

He said, “I like the hell out of the character, this life, and this job, as well as the blessings associated with doing it.”

Hailee shouldn’t feel like she is a fish out the water. There are a lot of unexpected twists and turns in storytelling.

“She will ask me if this is normal. “She’ll ask: “Is this normal?”. I will reply, “It doesn’t make sense. But just continue moving ahead, all that we have is one another.”

Hailee has a history of blockbuster roles. In 2018, she played the role in Bumblebee. However, Hawkeye gave Hailee the opportunity to showcase her action-movie skills.

She says, “I love that this role required such much physical preparation between stunt training and archery.

“The best part about being in the stunt room was learning all these new skills.

“I’d catch him!” [Jeremy]In the stunt area and you will feel absolutely terrified. It’s possible he could be a master martial artist.”

Jeremy however suggests that he is just acting to make it appear like he understands the fight scenes.

He adds that a lot is physical, and a lot of the time it’s spent at the gym.

But, hell, it’s just lots of fun. It doesn’t matter if you are good or bad at it, but you have to look good. It’s not hard to do it.

‘Like John McClane in Die Hard’

Hawkeye is a follower of previous Marvel TV series about the Avengers cast (Wandavision. The Falcon. The Winter Soldier. Loki). These shows have all been big streaming hits by 2021.

Apart from their on-screen chemistry with Kate and Clint, and Hawkeye’s lighthearted, humorous tone, Hawkeye is set at Christmas.

Rhys Thomas won’t be afraid to open a celebratory can of worms over this setup.

He says, “I love Christmas movies. My mind instantly went to Die Hard.”

It’s a debate whether some people consider the movie a Christmas film, but it intrigued me. Clint Barton was very similar to John McClane’s character.

“It is a joyful time of year. It brings warmth and it also feels like this merry season of year to see someone go through such challenging events.”

Disney+ is now streaming Hawkeye.

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