Heathrow chief urges travelers to rethink their travel policies in advance of Christmas

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John Holland Kaye believes families should have the ability to reunite at Christmas.

Heathrow’s airport boss joined the call for UK nationals to return from countries on red lists to be allowed to isolate at home.

John Holland Kaye believes families should have the ability to reunite at Christmas.

Over the last few days, government officials have hinted that there will be a change in rules.

Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary, has stated that he does not want to keep the red-list and hotel quarantine “for any moment longer than is necessary”.

According to him, there would be a moment in time when the government will review the list and possibly remove certain countries.

Heathrow claimed that restrictions on travel, which had been reinstated in reaction to Omicron’s spreading, were “further dampen.”[ed] passenger confidence”.

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Holland-Kaye stated that by allowing Brits in isolation at home ministers could ensure they were reunited this Christmas with loved ones.

It would be a clear signal to passengers that travel restrictions will be lifted as quickly as possible. This will give them the confidence to book 2022 flights, which could open up new opportunities for thousands of Heathrow residents.

‘Less need’

Sajid Javid, Health Secretary of the House of Commons said Thursday that if Omicron becomes the predominant variant of Omicron there will be no travel restrictions.

Red-listing, Mr Shapps stated on Thursday that it was originally intended to slow down the process, but as the variant spreads, the government has accepted the “inevitability” that eventually the variant will get everywhere. This is exactly what Delta experienced.

Transport Secretary: The UK’s Health Security Agency was asked for recommendations.

He stated that it was not reasonable to assume the red list would have helped, since the Omicron version had been established in the country.

This week, Prime Minister, Health Secretary, and Transport Secretary all suggested that Omicron could spread further – even within the UK – which may prompt the Red List to be updated.

There has yet to be a decision. The current measures will be reviewed again next week.

Ministers stated that the temporary measure was intended to reduce Omicron entry into the country. Businesses supported the measure because it was targeted, unlike other broader-brush tests. Many people would prefer to see hotels replaced by home isolation, particularly as Christmas nears.

The Red list had emptied the Red quarantine system, and it was largely shut down. It was activated at very short notice and has had difficulty generating capacity.

Many Brits are returning home from abroad and have shared their stories of stress and extra cost due to the fact that the rooms were not available for them on the flight date.

11 African countries currently appear on the red list.

Travellers over 12 years old must pass a Covid exam within two days of arriving in the UK. A PCR test must be taken within 2 days after arrival.

Tim Alderslade is the chief executive officer of the industry group Airlines UK. He stated that “Omicron” will be soon the predominant variant in the UK. We also know there are many other cases which can’t be influenced by international travel.

“The Health Secretary knows that travel restrictions can be futile when there is community transmission. That’s why they’re pushing for the latest emergency restrictions to be removed at the December 20th review.

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