Hong Kong quarantines 100 people from scandal-hit birthday parties

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The view from Penny’s Bay, Hong Kong’s quarantine center

After being found at a large party, more than 100 Hong Kong citizens including high ranking government officials were placed in quarantine.

Leader Carrie Lam said that she was disappointed to learn about the events that included the city’s elite.

Although these parties were legal at the time, the government issued clear rules and warned about them.

Hong Kong has imposed new Covid restrictions for this week.

Restaurants and bars will no longer be open after 18:00.

We have made an intense effort to fight the epidemic. “As top officials in government, we have all the reason to lead by example and not attend private events that could pose a significant hazard,” Ms Lam stated at an earlier briefing.

According to local reports, the party was organized in celebration of Witman Hung’s birthday. He is a member China’s highest lawmaking body. According to reports, a woman at the party tested positive for Covid-19.

Au Ka-wang, Immigration Chief and Caspar Tsui, Home Affairs Secretary were there along with four other lawmakers. They are all part of the 90 pro-Beijing candidate group that was elected to the Legislative Council in last month.

All of them will likely be sent to Hong Kong’s controversial Penny’s Bay Quarantine Centre.

According to a pilot, Penny’s Bay is like living alone in solitary confinement in a room with no sun.

  • You can read more about Penny’s Bay experience here

Even though Hong Kong has had fewer coronavirus infections in recent months than mainland China, the city enforced a strict testing regime and quarantine, which is in compliance with China’s Zero Covid policy.

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Source: BBC.com

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