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She left Tokyo’s airport Sunday morning as the former Princess.

Japan’s Princess Mako is now heading to the USA with Kei Komuro (her new commoner) after she left the royal family.

As the college sweethearts, who married on June 1, left Tokyo Airport, there was very little pageantry.

They will share an apartment in New York, where Komuro works for a law company.

Japanese law states that female members of the imperial family are subject to forfeiture if they wed to a “commoner”.

They were heavily accompanied by security personnel at the airport and police as they made their way through departures. The pair passed around 100 reporters who had been there to see them depart, but they did not answer any questions.

Rumours of Mako and her husband moving to New York were long-standing. Mako is expected to get a job there.

The couple were faced with a setback last month after Japanese media reported Mr Komuro failed to pass the New York State Bar Exam. To practice law in New York, prospective lawyers must pass the test.

Current work of Mr Komuro as a Legal Clerk.

They have been compared to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the UK, which has earned them the nickname “Japan’s Harry and Meghan”.

The couple faced significant opposition when they first announced their engagement four years ago and their relationship has been subject to tabloid gossip and controversy over claims that Mr Komuro’s mother had reportedly taken a loan from her ex-fiancé and not paid him back.

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According to Imperial Household: The coverage resulted in post-traumatic stress disorder developing by the then-princess.

They skipped traditional royal ceremonies and refused to accept a gift from their family when they were married.

Princess Mako (niece of Emperor Naruhito) is the first member of the royal female family to lose both.


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