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JCB, a construction equipment manufacturer has reached a deal with Green Hydrogen to purchase billions of pounds. This is hydrogen that’s produced from renewable energy.

The agreement means that JCB will receive 10% of green hydrogen produced by Fortescue Future Industries, Australia (FFI).

FFI claimed that the agreement was “a first-of-a kind partnership” and would make it the largest UK supplier of clean fuel.

The majority of production is done in the UK and will begin next year.

Ryze Hydrogen and JCB would distribute the product in the UK.

Lord Anthony Bamford (founder and Chairman of JCB) stated that the agreement would make green hydrogen a feasible solution. He told the BBC that it was the right thing to take.

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Hydrogen doesn’t produce carbon emissions from its combustion, and is therefore a potential replacement for fossil fuels such as steel, cement-making and shipping.

Lord Bamford also called for the investment in hydrogen-powered transport, such as trains, buses and planes.

According to him, it’s okay for an engine to be powered by green hydrogen, but the customer can’t obtain green hydrogen fuel to their machine.

This is an important step towards green hydrogen becoming a feasible solution.

Kwasi Kwarteng (Business Secretary) has declared that low carbon hydrogen plays a crucial role in Britain’s transition from net zero. That is, balancing the emissions of greenhouse gas and those already present in the atmosphere.

According to the UK Hydrogen Strategy by the government, the Business Secretary argued that Britain’s “infrastructure” and “technical know-how makes it ideally placed to become a world leader in hydrogen.

He has admitted that production and usage would need to increase rapidly if the government is to achieve its ambitions.

JCB, based in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, also announced earlier this month that it was spending £100m on a project to produce “super efficient hydrogen engines” to power its machinery.

This deal ties Lord Bamford, a billionaire, and JCB to FFI. FFI is FFI’s newer renewables division of Fortescue Metals Group mining giant, owned by Andrew Forest.

Jo Bamford (the son of Lord Bamford) is the founder of Ryze Hydrogen. Ryze Hydrogen has built the UK’s first network for green hydrogen production plants.

Wrightbus is the UK’s original hydrogen double-decker. Mr. Bamford also serves as chairman and owner.

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