JK Rowling: Trans activists have posted JK’s address online

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Three activists were accused by the author of “doxxing” – maliciously posting private information online.

JK Rowling accuses three individuals who support transgender issues of posting a picture of her Edinburgh home on Twitter.

This author has already reported it to the police after she was criticized for her views regarding transgender issues.

Police Scotland stated that they were made aware of the situation and are continuing their investigations.

One of the members stated that the photo was removed because they received threats online.

Rowling claimed that Rowling posted the picture on Twitter, showing the activists standing at her front door, carefully positioning themselves so the address is visible.

She added: “I would like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who reported this image to @TwitterSupport. My family and I were greatly helped by your kindness and good nature.

“I implore all those who retweeted this image, with the address still visible and even though they were condemning these actions, to remove it.”

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Rowling was the subject of controversy for her June 2020 tweets that criticized the expression “people who have menstruated”; she also opposed the elimination of “women” from the vocabulary.

According to a long blog, Harry Potter author Gina McLeod explained that she was a survivor and has concerns about single-sex spaces.

Critics claimed that her views “diminished” the identity of trans people. However, stars like Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe from Harry Potter movies distanced themselves away from her remarks.

Police investigation

The actions of the group who posted the image showing her address were described by the author as “doxxing”, a malicious act that publishes personal data online.

Rowling stated that she felt intimidated by activists for speaking out in favor of women’s sexual-based rights.

She explained that she had received death threats and was now afraid to speak out.

“Perhaps, and this is just a rant, but the only way to show your movement doesn’t pose a threat or danger to women is to cease stalking, harassing, and threatening us.”

Police Scotland spokesmen said they are aware of the incident. Police inquiries continue.

One participant wrote: “Yesterday, we posted a photograph we took at JK Rowling’s house.”

Post deleted. The caption read: “While the image is ours, since it was posted, we have received an overwhelming quantity of severe and threatening comments from transphobic people so we decided to delete the post.”

Source: BBC.com

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