KFC faces boycott in China over meal toy promotion

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One of the most prominent consumer groups in China has demanded that KFC stop offering meal promotions. They claim it promotes food waste.

According to the China Consumers Association, some people were compelled into buying by this promotion.

KFC teamed up with Pop Mart to launch the promotion, which was launched last week. Pop Mart is a Chinese toy manufacturer known for mystery boxes.

Limited edition Dimoo dolls with large eyes and round faces are available to customers who purchase certain KFC sets.

KFC made limited-edition blind boxes sales in order to encourage and condone the purchase by consumers of excessive meal sets. This is against the laws and good practices of the CCA state affiliate.

That led one customer to spend 10,494 yuan (£1,202; $1,649) on more than 100 of the meals in one go to collect the toys, while people also paid others to purchase meals for them, or just threw them away, the statement added.

KFC celebrated the 35th Anniversary of opening its first restaurant in China last week with the popular KFC promotion.

Yum China (which operates KFC China) and Pop Mart didn’t immediately reply to BBC requests for comment.

The Chinese government started a massive campaign to combat food waste in 2020. President Xi Jinping was the spearhead.

President Xi referred to the large amount of food that was wasted as “shockingly distressing”.

The pandemic brought with it growing concern about food security.

This campaign banned online influencers from posting excessive amounts of food on social media. Meanwhile, restaurant patrons were advised to limit their consumption.

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Source: BBC.com

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