“It has been destroyed – I have lost all the joy and calm that I experienced before Wednesday. “It’s been corrupted” said Oda Hjelle, as she looked at the roses and candles in her former hometown of Oslo 50 miles away.

According to the 15 year-old, any loud sound can make me jumpy. She was speaking with friends in a temporary memorial at Kongsberg’s centre.

After Espen Andersen brathen, a resident of the area went on Wednesday on a murder spree with a bow-and-arrow as well as a reportedly other weapon, they have suffered traumatisation.

Five people died and three more were injured in the incident, which included an off-duty officer of police.

A Danish Muslim convert has been reported to have confessed. This is the worst crime in Norway since Anders Breivik killed 77 people over a decade.

Oda Hjelle stated, “I heard the helicopters flying and my heart dropped.” “Most young people enjoy being outside, and I was concerned about my friends and classmates. I couldn’t even think straight. It’s impossible to imagine that this could happen in any other place.

This close-knit community, which includes 25,000 members, is trying to come to terms with the loss. It also asks questions about the circumstances of the attack and the reasons for not stopping him sooner.

He was confronted within seconds of firing arrows at Kongsberg’s Co-op supermarket shortly after 18:00 Wednesday. However, it is believed that he had unleased additional volleys and escaped while police sought more protection.

Norwegian police officers aren’t usually armed but arrived quickly to arrest the man and allowed him to escape.

He was finally caught after 34 minutes.

This was his final period of life, during which he murdered four women (and a man between 50 and 70).

Oda Hjelle stated, “My family is angry and disappointed that police couldn’t make it happen faster.”

As Norwegian intelligence was aware that he was dangerous, she believes that there was a systemic error.

They should have anticipated something like that. We believed we were more prepared. According to Breivik, we had been better prepared. It will affect how safe we feel that this happened.”

An image of the man suspected of bringing terror in Kongsberg is now available.

Espen Andersen brathen, who is believed to be a former convict for drug possession and burglary, was issued a restraining warrant after threat to murder a family member.

He posted a Facebook video in 2017 with the words “I come with a warning… bear witness that I am a Muslim.”

He was also reported to have visited the mosque in the area, where the imam claimed that the suspect said he had “a revelation”, but did not seem dangerous.

He was suspected of radicalisation and police say that he was brought to their attention last year.

Now, he is undergoing a psychological assessment. Prosecutors say that he was handed over to the health services.

It could take many weeks for the evaluation to be completed. If he is taken into custody, he will likely remain in hospital rather than in jail.

Beate Itland, whose autumn leaves were blowing in cold wind by Kongsberg’s river, was comforting her daughter and son with a candlelit vigil.

She said, “I must be tough to not scare my children.” I’ve never felt unsafe walking outside, but it makes me feel a little more scared. This will not last.

Source: BBC.com

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