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Kongsberg: There were several victims of a Norway bow and arrow assault that resulted in the death of many Kongsbergs

by Lester Blair
Armed police on the streets of Kongsberg after an attacker opened fire on people with a bow and arrow
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After a man attacked them with a bow, arrow and other weapons in Norway, several people were killed and many others hurt.

Around 18:13 GMT (16:13 GMT) was the first time police received information about an attack on the small town of Kongsberg south-west from Oslo.

Chief Oeyvind Oas stated that a suspect was captured and appeared to be acting alone.

Although officers could not verify the exact number of casualties, NRK reported that at least five were killed.

A spokesperson for the police said that they will look into whether this was an act terror.

Mayor Kari Anne Sandy told VG newspaper that it was a terrible tragedy for everyone. “I don’t know what to say.”

According to media reports, the attack took place at a Coop Extra store on Kongsberg’s western side. Later, a spokesperson from the chain confirmed that there had been a serious incident at their store and added that no staff members were injured.

According to reports, there was an altercation between the attackers and police. He was finally detained at 18.47 local time.

Authorities have ordered several areas of town to be cordoned off because the suspect was able to move over large distances. Authorities ordered that residents remain inside so they could inspect the scene and collect evidence.

Now, the suspect was taken to Drammen’s police station. He is still being questioned.

There are dozens of emergency vehicles on scene including helicopters, ambulances, and police cars.

Norway’s Justice Minister Monica Maeland was informed about the situation. The ministry posted a tweet.

Police officers across the nation have been ordered by the national police directorate to be armed. The majority of the police officers in this country do not carry firearms.

The directorate stated in a Norwegian statement that “the police have not indicated so far that there has been a change at the national threat level.”

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Source: BBC.com

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