Lush will stop using social media for its safety until they are’safer’

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Lush Cosmetics has announced that it will deactivate some accounts on social media until the platforms take action “to provide a safer environment for users.”

According to the company, Instagram, Facebook TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram pages would be closed starting Friday

This policy will be implemented in all 48 countries Lush has operations.

The company will however continue to use YouTube and Twitter “for now”, in order to build better communication channels elsewhere.

The company had closed many of its UK social accounts in the past, but it stated that it has “returned to the channels”, despite best efforts.

According to the company, it had decided to return “some limited use” of channels that were “mothballed” to provide service for customers in times when coronavirus locks down.

Lush stated that the “serious consequences” of social media are barely being recognized and likened the current situation to the time when climate change had been ignored for many decades.

There are four million Instagram followers for Lush Cosmetics North America and another 1.2million on Facebook.

“Out of the Mix”

“I have spent my entire life trying to avoid putting dangerous ingredients in my products. Mark Constantine (co-founder, chief executive officer of Lush), stated that there is overwhelming evidence to suggest we’re at greater risk from social media.”

“I don’t want to cause this kind of harm to my customers, it’s time for me to get it out.”

Lush expressed hope that platforms would introduce “best practices guidelines”, and that international regulation could be made law.

Jack Constantine (chief digital officer at Lush) stated that he is an inventor of bathbombs and is a product inventor.

Social media platforms are the antithesis to this goal, as they have algorithms that keep users scrolling while preventing them from relaxing and switching off.


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