Magdalena Andersson, Sweden’s first female PM after resignation

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On Monday, MPs voted to elect Magdalena Andersson as leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party.

After political chaos forced her resignation last week, Sweden’s first woman prime minister was reappointed.

In a second vote, MPs supported Magdalena Andersson, Social Democratic Party leader by a slim margin.

She plans to try and lead a uniparty government through September 2019.

Following the collapse of her coalition, she resigned as prime minister.

Just hours prior, Ms. Andersson was elected Sweden’s first ever female prime minister with a single vote.

The 54-year old economist was trying to form a new government in coalition with Green Party, but her budget proposal fell through.

  • Sweden’s first female PM quits within hours of appointment

Instead, the parliament approved a budget that had been drawn up by opposition parties including far-right Sweden Democrats.

The Green Party stated it would not approve a budget drawn by far-right parties and left the government. It led to its end.

If a coalition party is elected, then the prime minister of Sweden will be expected to step down.

According to Swedish broadcaster SVT, 101 out of 349 Riksdag members voted for yes in Monday’s election. 75 abstained, 173 voted against, and 75 voted yes.

A candidate can be made prime minister by Sweden’s electoral system if they avoid the majority of votes against them.

The new government that Ms Andersson has formed will be maintained until the general elections next September.

Former junior champion swimmer, she was born in Uppsala. She began her political career 1996 as an adviser to Goran Persson.

Before becoming the leader of Social Democrats in November, she was finance minister for seven years.

Stefan Lofven was resigning as prime minister following seven years of rule.

After being ousted in unprecedented no-confidence vote in June, Lofven remained the prime minister of a interim government until Ms. Andersson took control.


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