Matt Doran: Australian TV Host Sorry for Bungle That Sank Adele Interview

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Interview was conducted for Adele’s new album (30).

A TV host in Australia has admitted that he was “mortified” by an error that denied him an interview with Adele.

Matt Doran, Channel 7’s correspondent flew from Sydney on 4 November to London to interview Adele about her new album 30.

Sony took the footage away from him after he admitted during the interview that he hadn’t listened to it.

Doran apologized and stated that he hadn’t received an email with preview copies of the songs.

According to him, “It wasn’t a deliberate snub but an oversight,” The Australian newspaper reported. This is my most valuable email.

After missing on-air duties, he refuted reports that he had been fired from Channel 7.

Australian media reported that Doran’s trip with two colleagues to London was part of a rights package that had cost the network A$1m (£500,000; $700,000).

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Doran who hosts Weekend Sunrise, was invited to the interview.

Many have laughed at Doran and made fun of his mistake, while others saw a more serious side.

“On one side, there are many passionate people [arts]Critics and writers are paid ridiculous amounts of money, such as $40 per review. This …” is the opposite. tweeted screenwriter Briony Kidd.

Some of those criticisms were directed towards an ABC reporter with the same name as the ABC. In a tweet, he summarized his experiences as follows: “Go easy …”

Adele’s 30–her first in six years — was released publicly on Friday.

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