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Matt Edmonson shared information about the effects of mental illness. cyclothymiaHas on his own life.

Cyclothymia is characterized by feelings of low mood, followed by extreme happiness or excitement.

Although it’s very similar to bipolar, the extremes between highs and lows is much milder.

“The up’ time truly feels amazing. These times are filled with energy and excitement, as well as a hunger for innovative ideas. Matt shared his Instagram account.

He said that low moments are often “accompanied by extremely strong anxious thoughts”, and that those were the times that prompted him to seek treatment.

“After many years of struggles, just getting the label of “cyclothymia” placed on how my feeling was was life changing.

The most common treatment is medicine along with some type of therapy like psychotherapy.

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Matt said that mood swings are sometimes difficult for some people.

“I get very little sleep and don’t eat as much, but I do a lot of work in very limited time. I often forget everything around me.”

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Matt Edmondson (@matthewedmondson), shared the following post

Matt said that having a focus project really helps him keep grounded. He started to make music in lockdown.

Hayfever was his latest collaboration with James Arthur.

His post joked that “this will sound corny but it’s actually true.” I saved myself by discovering music.”

“I realized that if my mind stopped racing into anxious thoughts, if I just jumped on my computer and made any Logic-related changes, even if they were terrible, then it would be a stopper for my brain.”

Matt wrote a song last year about his father, who died when Matt was 22.

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