Met Police locates 1000 cannabis farms throughout London

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In November, police discovered large quantities of cannabis at Ferry Lane (Rainham)

According to new data, the Met Police discovered more than 1,000 cannabis farms in capital over the course of the last six-years.

About half of the farms were located between December 2019 & November 2020, when London was still in lockdown because Covid-19.

City Hall claimed that marijuana farms were a contributing factor to the increase in drug-dealing activity within the city. They also called Met’s work “vital”.

Sadiq Khan had announced plans to “decriminalize” minor cannabis crimes in the capital.

London Mayor David Cameron spoke out to say that he was happy with the Met’s “bearing down” on drugs and “shutting Down illegal cannabis farms.”

He said, “This is an essential part of their efforts to reduce harm and violence drug and drug-related crime causes to individuals and families as well as communities.”

“Cannabis farmers drive up drug deals in our city. This often involves the exploitation and exploitation of young, vulnerable Londoners. It is important to close these farms.

These figures were provided by Shaun Bailey, a Met to Conservative London Assembly member who was formerly a mayoral candidate.

‘Devastating impact’

According to data, there were 1,096 marijuana farms in the city between December 2015 and 2021.

There were 455 marijuana farms discovered in 2020, more than twice the amount found the four previous years.

During a recent seizure in Rainham, east London, officers found more than 1,000 cannabis plants, with an estimated street value of £1m.

According to Det. Sgt Owen Morgan, a seizure like this will invariably have an adverse effect on London’s street drug supply.

“We are aware that drug use and violence have an interconnected effect on the lives of our community.

London’s mayor is believed to be working on a plan to build upon the success of Thames Valley Police. Young people with low amounts of marijuana are offered support services.

It aims to get those who have been convicted of low level offenses away from the criminal justice systems and instead into counselling.

Khan’s office confirmed that the plans for the trial of the approach in three boroughs were not yet complete and did not possess the necessary powers to completely decriminalise drugs.

Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime – Mopac has not yet approved the pilot.


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