Michael Gove misses interview slot after getting stuck in BBC lift

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Michael Gove was able to interview Today at the BBC Broadcasting House.

Michael Gove was stuck in a lift and missed the interview on BBC Radio 4’s Today.

On Monday, the levelling-up secretary was unable to appear on the show because an elevator at BBC Broadcasting House had broken down.

The lift kept him trapped for about 30 minutes.

He made a late appearance on the program and joked that staff had “successfully elevated me up”, which led to him being released.

Nick Robinson, the presenter of Today, announced that Robinson was being detained shortly after 8:00 GMT.

Robinson said that Gove is “keeping cheery” and initially had offered to interview him by telephone from the lift.

Robinson said, “I wish it was a joke. It isn’t a joke. It is not very funny to Mr Gove or the security guard.”

The show aired 15 minutes after the original time, and Mr Gove admitted that he was delighted to make an appearance.

The BBC does not have any responsibility for external websites’ content.Original tweet available on Twitter

Robinson apologized for his delay and said that he understood. This is what happens.

He said that this incident might provide “ammunition,” for W1A scriptwriters, the BBC TV program that mocked the corporate life.

His job description is reflective of government’s objective to increase economic opportunity in all parts of the UK.

In September of this year, he was made a minister responsible for housing and local government.

BBC spokesperson: “We are sorry that Mr Gove got stuck in our lifts. But we are glad that he was later free to participate in the interview.”

Source: BBC.com

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