Minister Mims Davies says that my drink was spiked after a night out

By Ben Weisz
BBC Radio Sussex Political reporter


One minister in the government has spoken out to BBC about how her drink was spiked while on a night out.

I found something in my bottom from my drink. Mims Davis says, “I pulled it out but didn’t really consider it.”

“It wasn’t until I was later that it occurred to me, “Blimey, how was this?”

Conservative MP only has a fragment of memory from a night in Haywards Heath (West Sussex), where she had a spiked drink.

She tells BBC Radio Sussex, “It was absolutely horrible.” I had to be taken home.

  • How can we stop the spiking?
  • Are you likely to be spiked?
  • GHB is the most dangerous drug.

Ms. Davies still doesn’t know what that dark substance was in her glass, but she made it home safe.

Priti Patel is the Mid Sussex MP and has asked Priti to clarify her concerns about spiking.

She states, “We should restrict access to these products in the same way as we would any other sector.”

How can you possibly know what’s in these products? They are being sourced and bought by who? “There’s more to it than meets your eye.”

According to the Alcohol Education Trust, hundreds of people are victims of drink-spiking each year. This is where they are given alcohol or drugs without their consent, such as GHB or tranquillisers.

Although this may be viewed as a joke, many victims have suffered robbery or other sexual abuse.

Drink-spiking, which is considered a serious offense, can result in a 10 year sentence.

After what Priti Patel, Home Secretary of India, called GHB’s “truly sickening use” in high-profile cases of rape, the government declared that GHB would now be a Class C drug and a Class B drug.

However, it has yet to submit the legislation necessary to make this happen.

  • Spiked student calls for drugs searches
  • “I fell to the ground after drinking spiking”

Reynhard sinaga, a post-graduate student from Germany, used GHB as he was drugging and sexually assaulting 48 males in Manchester’s flat. Sinaga was sentenced to at least 30 years in prison in 2020.

Rohypnol can be prescribed to get a tranquilizer for sleep disorder. However, it has been used in the spike of drinks.

What can you do to help someone who thinks they have been spiked?

  • A bar manager, bouncer, member of staff should be contacted.
  • Keep talking and staying with them
  • If their condition is serious, call an ambulance
  • Do not let them leave on their own.
  • Do not let your children leave the venue without a friend or trusted person.
  • Try to stop them from drinking alcohol if possible. This could cause more severe problems.
  • Drug traces are more likely to be detected by blood and urine tests that were performed within the first 24 hours.

(Source: Drinkaware)

The Sussex Police reports that there were 67 cases in Brighton and Hove of alcohol tampering reported to them since 1 Oct.

Rachel Maclean from the Home Office said Wednesday that drink-spiking was a “horrific and terrifying offense” and that it was being “ramped up” by the government.

BBC is told by the Home Office that they are “dedicating all local and national resources” to combat this “extremely concerning” crime.

According to a spokesperson, “We are still in close contact on this issue with the police and the home secretary receives regular updates.”

“We need to give police space for their investigations. We encourage anyone with information regarding these incidents, to call their local force.”

Support and help can be obtained if you’ve been affected by these issues. BBC Action Line.


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