Mohamud Mohammed Hassan’s death: The family seeks answers one year later

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Mohamud Mohamed Hassan succumbed hours later after being freed from police custody on January 9, 2021

Family of man who was released from custody but died shortly thereafter want to speak with the attorney general, home secretary and police watchdog. They also request the release of bodycam footage.

Independent Office for Police Conduct, (IOPC), is looking into police contacts with Mohamud Muhammad Hassan, 24, of Cardiff.

He was arrested for breaching of peace suspicions, and later released on bail.

The IOPC stated that its probe was advanced.

The company stated that it will “work towards sharing video footage, and other evidence material with Mr Hassan’s family…as soon as possible”.

South Wales Police stated that it continues to cooperate with the IOPC investigation. They have provided information and materials, including CCTV footage of body-worn videos and CCTV footage.

His family released a statement on the anniversary of his death. It stated that despite repeated requests to access film recordings of Mohamud’s last hours, they have been repeatedly denied by the IOPC.

We believe all relatives of people who die under suspicious circumstances while in custody by police should be able to access immediately the bodycam footage from police showing what transpired during their last moments.

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A banner calling for justice was carried by protestors outside Cardiff Bay Police Station Sunday.

After Mr Hassan’s passing, thousands marched through Cardiff in protest last January.

An inquest was held into the death of John, despite the fact that a post-mortem examination failed to determine his cause.

The IOPC is currently investigating six officers in connection to this case.

Bianca Ali, a protestor, said that she wanted justice and that the footage should be released. She also demanded that every officer on duty who was involved in the incident on Sunday be held accountable.

“We need answers. We want the truth. And we demand accountability.”

Hilary Brown was the legal representative of the family. She said that not sharing any footage with the family is “a cruel and unusual punishment for families seeking to know the truth”.

“The IOPC took so long to complete their investigation, it is completely unacceptable.”

Catrin Evans (IOPC Wales Director) stated that a substantial investigation report was being completed.

She stated that while we are aware of how hard this year has been for Mr Hassan and his family’s understandable desire to learn the facts surrounding their death, we have been determined to pursue all avenues of inquiry.

“We are continuing to maintain contact with the coroner. We work towards sharing video footage, other evidence material with Mr Hassan’s family and legal representatives as soon as it is possible.”

South Wales Police acknowledged that Mr Hassan’s passing had an “impact on his loved ones, friends and wider community”.

It released a statement saying, “Our condolences and thoughts continue to be with them.”


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