Myanmar protesters in Yangon are attacked by an army truck

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On Sunday, Yangon saw at least three such anti-military demonstrations as this.

A military truck crashed into protesters in Yangon, Myanmar’s capital.

Eyewitnesses claim that soldiers opened fire upon some protesters fleeing and then beat other people.

Over 1,200 people were killed in protests since the coup of February and thousands have been imprisoned.

Although the government did not comment on this latest incident, it previously charged protestors with instigating violence.

On Sunday, it was just one of three demonstrations against the military regime in Yangon. Demonstrations are usually held in smaller groups in order to minimize casualties, as military forces often open fire on demonstrators in the past.

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Witnesses claimed that this “flash mob”, the latest protest, was stopped minutes after its start.

I was hit by a soldier and fell in front of a truck. Although a soldier beat me with a rifle, I was able to defend myself and push him back. As I ran in a zigzag style, he shot at me immediately. “Fortunately, I escaped,” a protester said to Reuters news agency.

Although the UN claims that military crackdowns could be crimes against humanity and its representatives have been repeatedly denied access to Myanmar, they continue to insist on their presence.

According to the junta, the February pre-dawn coup was justified by voter fraud allegations in the last year’s general election, in which Aung Sang Suu Kyi won by a wide margin.

Independent monitors of elections say that the vote was free and fair in large part, while Ms. Suu Kyi’s criminal case has been widely criticized as being politically motivated.

Many activists involved in the peaceful civil disobedience movement have fled to hiding or to the border to receive military training from ethnic insurgents.

In towns and villages all over the country, hundreds of assassinations and bombings have been carried out by volunteer soldiers who are part of the defense forces.

The military responded to the situation by conducting a scorched Earth campaign. This included burning homes and driving thousands of troops into the forest and beyond the Indian border.

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