Myanmar: Save the Children reports that the army attacked the staff in Myanmar

Image source, Reuters

The aftermath of the attack reported in Hpruso have been captured on photos.

Save the Children, an international charity that helps children in need of aid in Myanmar has confirmed the deaths of two members its Myanmar staff in an attack they blame on the military.

According to the charity, more than 35 bodies including children and women were discovered in eastern Kayah.

According to the report, troops forced individuals from their vehicles and arrested some while killing others. Then they burned their bodies.

These claims were denied by the Myanmar military.

Save the Children claimed that the staff killed in the attack were both “both fathers who had been working to educate children.” After performing humanitarian work, they were returning home to spend the holiday season.

Tweet: The charity Appelled for the UN Security Council’s convocationYou must take steps to ensure that those in charge are held accountable.

Massive protests were held across Myanmar, also known as Burma since February when the military took control.

Aung San Suu Kyi (elective leader) and NLD party members are some of those held.

Many people were killed, even children.

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The aftermath of an attack on Hpruso township has been photographed. It is evident that vehicles have been left behind.

Karenni National Defence Force was one of the most powerful militias against the junta. It claimed that the victims were civilians fleeing conflict.

A commander of the group said to Reuters that they were shocked by how many dead bodies had different sizes. This included children and elderly people.

According to AFP, a spokesperson for Myanmar’s military stated that fighting broke out in Hpruso after troops tried to stop seven vehicles from driving in a suspicious manner.

According to Zaw Min Tun, the news agency’s spokesperson on Saturday, troops had killed many people during the clash.


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