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Eric Adams, the New York City mayor-elect, stated that he would love to have his three initial pay checks in bitcoin.

Former police captain, Bill de Blasio was elected this week as the new mayor.

Social media posts by Mr Adams indicated that Adams wanted to declare his desire to make New York the center of cryptocurrency.

Since its creation in 2009, bitcoin’s value, which is the largest cryptocurrency worldwide, has fluctuated greatly.

The comments made by Adam seem designed to challenge Francis Suarez the mayor of Miami. He had previously stated on Twitter that he would receive his first bitcoin-based paycheck after he is reelected.

Suarez already stated that he hopes to create a cryptocurrency hub in Miami.

Adams demanded three months pay in crypto currency.

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Adams tweeted, “In New York we always get big,” and added that he would take three of his initial pay checks in bitcoin as a mayor.

NYC will soon be at the heart of the crypto industry, and many other rapidly-growing, innovative sectors. You just have to wait!

On Tuesday, Mr Adams was elected as a Democrat and will be the second mayor of the city.

The cryptocurrency MiamiCoin was founded by Mr Suarez in August. It is managed by CityCoins, a non-profit organization. According to the Washington Post, it sends $30 of the cryptocurrency’s value to Miami. It has also raised $7 million for Miami.

Bloomberg radio’s Adams said that Adams would love to have something like this in New York.

Adams was running on a probusiness platform and may have to face resistance if he wants New York established as a central hub for cryptocurrency.

Over its impact on the environment, Bitcoin has received a lot of criticism in the past.

Letitia James is the New York Attorney General and will run for governor. She recently cracked down on cryptocurrency businesses that were not registered.


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