Newspaper headlines: “One rule for them and new rules for us”

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Metro reports that Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is taking the people for fools. Metro reports that anger has grown over last Christmas’ party at Downing Street. One aide was seen laughing about the incident in leaked footage. Metro describes the harsher Plan B Covid curbs in England — including new mask rules, and a workfrom-home request–as a “hammer blow”.
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On the Daily Mail’s frontpage, Allegra Stratton looks distraught. Its headline says, “One rule for them and new rules to follow for everyone else”. It describes “turbulent days at Westminster”, in which the PM apologized for his offense and triggered Plan B curbs in England. This was a change that could not have been expected until at least next week.
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The i newspaper describes Johnson’s “24-hour Uturn” as an override of the stricter Plan B rules. After outrage over the rule-breaking, Downing Street has rushed to implement the new curbs. The paper states that booster jabs are in a race with the Omicron virus variant. It also says there is need for a dramatic escalation of third-dose doses.
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According to The Times, the UK “is ready for one million Omicron cases.” According to the Times, this is in the context of England’s request for the return-to-work-from-home. The curbs could cost the economy £4bn a month, it adds. According to the paper, a party with raucous attendees was also held at CCHQ’s basement last December while London was subject to tier 2 curbs that prohibit indoor gatherings. Four staff members were disciplined for “unauthorized social gathering”, according to a Conservative spokesperson.
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According to the Daily Telegraph, the restrictions in England are now: “Don’t go to work but go to parties.” According to the paper, there was an immediate backlash against the new rules. One Tory MP shouted “resign” when Health Secretary Sajid javid made them available for MPs. Matt shows the party horn sticking out of the No.10 letterbox in Matt’s cartoon.
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According to the Sun, “Do as you say and not as Christmas does”, the Sun said, surrounded by an image of Boris Johnson portraying the Grinch. It is just one rule, the newspaper says. You can’t do anything until you are caught. According to the Sun, these four rules include enforced face masks and Covid passports as well as home work and Omicron contact testing.
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The Guardian reports that Johnson was the one who initiated Plan B to England in the wake of the controversy over No 10. The Guardian reports that the Prime Minister tried to “calm” the outrage over the allegations, by making an apology. The paper states that MPs will vote next week on new measures in England, with substantial rebellion anticipated.
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The Financial Times reports that anger has flared over the claims that Downing Street had several party members during lockdown. According to the paper, Johnson announced “sweeping new coronavirus restriction” at a press conference. The FT says that Tory MPs also described the announcement as a distraction tactic to distract attention from party scandal.
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According to the Daily Mirror, it is called “Plan B” for us.. Its title reads: Plan ‘lie’, lie, and lie for him. According to the Daily Mirror, Sir Keir Sternmer from Labour asks if they think that the public are being taken for fools.
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The Daily Express says Plan B, England’s best option for Christmas that is “close to normal”, is Plan B. According to the paper, curbs were put in place as a way of stopping the Omicron variant from spreading.
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The Daily Star offers readers the chance to participate in Cluebo, an “exciting new game… Cluebo”, a variant of the murder mystery puzzle. The Daily Star imagines Boris Johnson guessing that it is “everybody else”, in the No10 drawing room with wine and nibbles.

In Thursday’s papers, all the details about the Covid new measures and the ongoing dispute over Downing Street are well covered.

Daily Telegraph’s headline said, “Don’t go to work. But do go to parties.” Boris Johnson, according to the Daily Telegraph, was subjected to immediate backlash by Tory MPs over what the paper calls “irrational” Covid new rules for England.

According to The Guardian, the government is “engulfed by a crisis in credibility that was sparked from the Christmas party scandal”.

We have a Plan B. The Daily Mirror’s view is that Plan lie, lie and lie for him. It says that the prime minister tried desperately to avoid being criticized “for rule-breaking parties at No10” last winter.

The Times reported that government scientific advisers are concerned that Plan C or D might need to be implemented after Christmas, if the spread of infections is not controlled sufficiently to stop the NHS from becoming overwhelmed.

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According to the Daily Mail, Mr Johnson was accused of speed-tracking curbs in order to divert attention from Christmas party row. It examines what it refers to as the “intense hunting” of the “mole,” who leaked Allegra Ston’s video.

Images of her tearful resignation appear on the newspaper’s frontpage. The paper takes an unusual step and dedicates a page to the leader column. It states that it supports the Conservative Party “steadfastly” but is also “not unthinkingly loyal.”

Boris Johnson should be in control of the No. 10 operation, as there are “scandals” all around.

Boris Johnson, the Grinch in a mockup is featured on the Sun front page with the headline “Do what I say…Not as I Christmas Do”.

It says that there is only one rule for them: you do what you like until you’re caught. However, the paper states that there are “four rules for them”, which include enforced face masks and vaccine passports. You can also work remotely if necessary, as well as Omicron Covid test.

According to The Daily Express, the Prime Minister stated that the new measures would give people the greatest chance to have a Christmas “close to normal”.

Metro, however, claims the PM “takes the public for fools”. They are now being faced with growing calls to quit.

Daily Star readers are invited to “exciting, new board game… Cluebo” which is a variant of the puzzle murder mystery. Boris Johnson is pictured as imagining his guess: “Everybody else in the Number 10, drawing room with wine and nibbles”.


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