Newspaper headlines: “We all need an boost” and PM a ‘backlash”.

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The Saturday paper’s focus is on booster jabs, and recent UKHSA findings about effectiveness of third-dose Omicron vaccine against Covid-19. The headline in the i is “Booster can Stop Omicron”, and reports that the UKHSA has found that a booster dosage offers 75% protection from Omicron.
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Daily Express headlines “Boosters can defeat Omicron tsunami” The Daily Express reports that this variant has spread to a large extent and stricter regulations are in place.

According to the Daily Mail, there’s “proof that we all need a boost”. According to the Daily Mail, it is more pessimistic that AstraZeneca will not suffice in fighting off Omicron.

The Sun headlines “3 jabs are best shot” The Sun reports on recent UKHSA findings and states that variant cases will reach 1 million in 2022. This paper features Lewis Hamilton as Formula One’s driver, and also a photo of him ahead of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
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The Times headline: “New curbs to slow viruses” reports that ministers are considering “fresh” Covid laws. The newspaper features the Duke of Cambridge and Duchess from Cambridge with their three children, Jordan. The paper calls it a “portrait de joy”.
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The Daily Telegraph’s lead article states, “Keep schools open, whatever happens.” According to the Daily Telegraph, there are demands that the Prime Minister ensures pupils’ education comes first so they don’t repeat “Covid Chaos”. Also, it shows the Cambridges from Jordan. The image will feature on their Christmas card.
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This weekend’s Financial Times report features a request by the Prime Minister’s Standards Advisor for more information about the refurbishment of the Flats 11 Downing Street. Downing Street has confirmed that Downing Street was in touch with Lord Christopher Geidt. He conducted an investigation into funding for the refurbishment. According to him, Johnson was not aware that Lord Brownlow had donated money to the renovation. However, documents from the Electoral Commission reveal that Johnson in November 2017 sent Lord Brownlow a WhatsApp request for more money.

Daily Mirror: “PM’s party reaction” leads to lead. According to the Daily Mirror, four out of five people are “less likely” to adhere to Covid rules after the scandal involving last year’s No10 parties.

Also, The Guardian reports that Boris Johnson is under increasing pressure to prove whether any parties were in Boris Johnson’s Downing Street apartment last year despite Covid lockdown rules. According to leaked documents to Guardian, it headlines that Covid curbs need to be tougher by next week. According to the paper, “strict national measures” must be taken by December 18 in order for Covid hospital admissions not exceed last winter’s maximum.

The Daily Star has a report on an otter that attacked a man while he was walking in a park.

According to the Guardian, ministers are told by The Guardian Additional “stricter” Covid national measures will be requiredOn or before 18 December, to stop Omicron infections from overwhelming the NHS. Leaked information from the UK Health Security Agency was said to have led to this warning being sent by the paper to Health Secretary Sajid Javid. According to the document, the spread of this variant was rapid in South Africa and it is possible that the need to take action to reduce pressures on health systems might be more urgent than what intuition would suggest.

The Times has also reported on new Covid rules. The Times reports that contacts who have been exposed to Omicron variant will need to be tested every day. Experts recommend that everyone proves they are free from coronavirus, before being allowed to go to public places.

It says that there’s no need for, or even abhorrence, another lockdown. It says that policy needs to be directed towards the core of “refuseniks” in vaccine policing, who are more vulnerable to Omicron than the vast majority of people clogging ICUs.

Daily Mail and Daily Express report on how important scientists consider booster jabs for Omicron protection. The Mail reported that experts have urged Britons not to take their top-up vaccines, in an effort to stop a flood of infections and to keep hospital admissions low.

The Express cautions that even small numbers of infections can cause serious illnesses and will lead to the NHS being overwhelmed. The Express warns that it would be dangerous and churlish to refuse to accept the invitation.

According to the Sun, booster use should be increased under the heading “Three jabs are best shots”. In its main editorial, the tabloid says that advisers to the government already hint at the possibility of tighter restrictions. If everyone is encouraged as quickly as possible and shows caution, “Plan C” doom-mongers can be “got knotted”.

The Daily Telegraph reports that the prime minister has been urged by leading figures to minimize the effects of additional restrictions on children and ensure schools open fully again after Christmas. A coalition of influential figures, including the former education ministers, and the Children’s Commissioner for England demanded that schools remain open “come as it may.” They want schools legally defined as “essential infrastructure”, which would place them at the same level with power stations, hospitals, and food retailers.

The Daily Mirror reports that four in five Americans are less likely than others to adhere to Covid restrictions. It is due to revelations made about Downing Street parties last December. The poll cites nearly 1,200 respondents. If Boris Johnson’s staff is found to be violating rules, a large majority of respondents say that they would not hesitate to flout them. According to the newspaper’s leader column, it says that Boris Johnson’s reckless attitude has led to a loss of trust in a critical moment for the fight against Covid.

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