North Korea claims Kim Jong Un oversaw the third hypersonic missile launch

Image source, KCNA/REUTERS

Images of Kim Jong Un witnessing the latest test have been prominently published by state media

North Korea claims it conducted another hypersonic missile testing under Kim Jong Un’s watch.

The missile was successfully turned by the state media before it hit the target, which is approximately 1,000km (621 mi) offshore.

This marks North Korea’s third hypersonic missile test. These missiles can be detected for more time than conventional ballistic missiles.

Analysts think Mr Kim could be a sign that the technology is improving.

According to Mr Kim, the latest testing ramp-up would seem to be in support of his New Years resolutions. In them, he promised to strengthen North Korea’s defense capabilities.

The announcement came after six countries, which included the US and Canada, made a joint condemnation of last week’s suspected test. The North should cease “destabilizing actions” in the region.

South Korea’s military at first dismissed the claims of hypersonic missiles, but it later claimed that they had “improvement” over previous tests. Yonhap reported.

North Korea’s state-run KCNA praised this test, stating that it had demonstrated “superior manoeuvrability”, which was confirmed by the last test-fire.

The report stated that the glide missile was capable of making a 600 km (375 mi) “glide jump flight” followed by 240 km “corkscrew manoeuvring”, before it hit its target.

In September 2021, the closed-off country reported its first hypersonic missile testing.

Are North Korea’s hypersonic weapons so alarming?

For several reasons, hypersonic glide missiles can be dangerous.

Hypersonic weapons, unlike ballistic missiles that travel in predictable patterns, are more susceptible to interception. They can fly laterally close to the ground and reach a target much faster than other types of weaponry.

Additionally, hypersonic weapons have the ability to travel at more than five times speed of sound (6,200km/h) or 3,850mph. They are difficult to intercept and track because of all these characteristics.

Frank Gardner, the BBC’s Security correspondent says that these hypersonic weapons are also alarming because nations are left wondering whether they carry a conventional high explosive warhead.

North Korea is among a few countries that are trying to build hypersonic missiles.

South Korean news agency Yonhap reports that Mr Kim demanded the nation’s “strategic army muscle both in quantity and quality” be strengthened during the inspection.

He is the first person to be known to have attended a missile launch since March 2020, according analysts.

“While [Mr]Kim may have unofficially been to other tests during the interim. This appearance, and its Page One feature are likely Kim. [North Korean newspaper]Rodong Sinmun’s significance is crucial,” Chad O’Carroll of Korea Risk Group, which monitors North Korea’s situation, said to Reuters.

It means [Mr]Kim doesn’t care about being associated personally [with]Major new technology is being tested. This is how it sees the US.

There have been constant warnings that the US and UN should use sanctions to stop North Korea from testing weapons, but Kim Jong-un continues to ignore these.


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