According to South Korea and Japan, North Korea fired at most one ballistic missile in waters near Japan’s coast.

This comes just as South Korea’s, Japan’s and the US intelligence chiefs meet in Seoul for talks about North Korea.

Pyongyang’s recent tests have seen a surge in the number of its claims of having long-range and hypersonic cruise missiles and anti-aircraft weapons.

These tests may be in violation of strict international sanctions.

The United Nations specifically prohibits North Korea from using nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

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One missile was fired from Sinpo port in South Korea on Tuesday, according to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. This is the area where North Korea’s submarines are usually located. It was also seen as the Sea of Japan.

According to local media, the North might have launched a sub-marine-launched missile after South Korea’s launch of its own weapon. However, this is not confirmed by officials.

Fumio Kishida (Japan’s Prime Minister) stated there had been two launches of ballistic missiles and called them “very regrettable”.

This launch occurs as South Korea is developing its own weapons in an area that observers believe has become an arms race against the Korean peninsula.

Seoul will host what it claims to be the largest defense exhibition in South Korea this week. The new fighter jet and guided weapons, such as missiles, will be unveiled. The company is expected to launch its space rocket very soon.

North Korea and South Korea remain technically at war, as the Korean War that divided the peninsula into two nations and saw the US supporting the South ended in 1953 with an arms truce.

Kim Jong-un, North Korean leader, said that while he does not want war on the Korean Peninsula again, but that his country must continue to develop weapons of self-defence to defeat enemies like the US, whom he accuses of being hostile.

Sung Kim (the US’ envoy in North Korea), is currently traveling to South Korea to talk about how to restart dialog with Pyongyang. This includes whether there should be an official declaration of the Korean War being over.

He reiterated, within the last 24-hours, the Biden administration’s position of being open to meeting North Korea with no preconditions.

Talks between North Korea and the USA have been stalled in the past due to disagreements over denuclearisation.

North Korea is being asked by the US to abandon its nuclear weapons in order for sanctions to be lifted. However, North Korea has refused.


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