Novak Djokovic: Australia pulls Novak Djokovic from her visa

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Novak Djokovic, who was denied entry to Australia for the second time in dispute over being allowed to stay in Australia unvaccinated, will be taken into custody on Saturday

He will be deported and banned from entering the country for three years if he is found to be in good health and order.

Djokovic lawyers called Djokovic’s decision “patently absurd” and intend to appeal.

On Monday, the Australian Open will host number one in men’s tennis.

Alex Hawke, Immigration Minister said that he had exercised his power to cancel Mr Novak Djokovic’s visa on grounds of health and good order.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Canada, stated that Scott Morrison had taken the decision after careful consideration.

Morrison spoke out about the harsh criticisms his government received for allowing unvaccinated players into Australia. He said that “Australians made many sacrifices during the pandemic and they rightly expect their sacrifices to be preserved.”

After Friday’s announcement, Judge Anthony Kelly held an urgent late-night court hearing and ruled Djokovic could not be deported during the appeal process. On Sunday, an appeal hearing will be held.

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Djokovic could also be detained by the government after meeting with immigration officials in Melbourne Saturday morning. He will, however, be permitted to visit his attorneys’ offices in preparation for Sunday’s hearing.

Djokovic’s legal staff called Djokovic’s decision not to cancel the visa “patently insane”.

Nicholas Wood, Djokovic’s attorney, cited a document from the government that provided more information about why the order was cancelled. He stated it wasn’t because Djokovic was dangerous to public safety but rather because “he will incite anti-vax sentiment”.

Djokovic, although he’s not currently vaccinated has not promoted anti-vax misinformation. Australian anti-vaxxers, however, have used the hashtag #IStandWithDjokovic to share their views on social media.

Wood said that Djokovic’s 2020 anti-vaccination remarks had caused him to choose to remove a minister of good standing from Australia.

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He was hoping that he could defend his Australian Open title, which, if won, would make him one of the most accomplished male tennis players in history, with a record 21 Grand Slam wins.

Djokovic will continue to be in the Australian Open Draw and will take on fellow Serb Miomir Kecmanovic Monday, the first day.

Djokovic had his visa revoked immediately after arriving in Melbourne on January 6, after Australian border Force officers said Djokovic “failed to present appropriate evidence” for an exemption to vaccines.

Some Australians were upset when he announced that he would be playing in the Open. They had lived for years under Covid lockdowns and it wasn’t clear if the restrictions could be met. Melbourne was particularly affected by the lockdowns. It endured 262 days of heavy restrictions last year.

Djokovic, who was held for several days in an immigration hotel, was released by Judge Kelly. Kelly said that Djokovic’s visa had been revoked because border officials did not follow proper procedure at his arrival.

On Friday night in Melbourne Mr Hawke cancelled Djokovic’s visa again under separate powers of the Australian Migration Act.

This act permits him to expel anyone that he considers to be a risk to the “health, safety or good orders of the Australian community”. However Djokovic may appeal.


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