Novak Djokovic: Tennis star exemption granted by Covid – Lawyers

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Djokovic’s attorneys claimed the Serbian did not show any Covid symptoms just two weeks after postive tests.

According to court papers, Novak Djokovic’s lawyers claim that he had obtained a vaccination exemption in order to travel to Australia following a Covid-related infection.

After landing in Melbourne to participate in the Australian Open, Djokovic was refused entry into Australia.

The top-ranked player in tennis is being held at an immigration detention center ahead of Monday’s court hearing.

The case of the Australian man has sparked a lot of controversy and generated headlines all over the globe.

Renata Voracova, a second Australian Open hopeful from the Czech Republic has left the country, having had her visa cancelled.

Czech authorities argued that the 38-year old, who is ranked at 81 worldwide, entered Australia under a valid exemption because she had also had Covid recenty.

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Djokovic was 34 years old and has stated that he opposes vaccination. He had received a medical exclusion to participate in the tournament. It is a move that angered ordinary Australians, many of whom have lived under the strictest Covid rules.

However, after landing in Serbia, the Serbians were denied entry to the country.

According to his lawyers, he was held at Melbourne Airport’s immigration control station for eight hours following arrival. He had very little contact with them throughout that time.

Officials at the Australian Border Force (ABF), said that the player failed to show “appropriate evidence”, as a result of an infection prior to entry.

Djokovic’s attorneys claim that the temporary visa granted by Tennis Australia to him because of his latest infection was rescinded in court papers released Saturday. They will tell the court, effectively, that the Visa Revocation Decision was affected by several “jurisdictional errors.”

Djokovic’s Covid infected had never been reported before. The confirmation was made by PCR testing on 16 December.

Djokovic shared images on Twitter that showed him without his mask at an event in which he received his own postage stamps from Serbia in appreciation of his achievements.

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According to AFP news agency, he also posed naked with Novak tennis players on 17/12.

He may not have known he had Covid at the time that the photos were taken.

Djokovic’s attorneys have requested that Djokovic be released from the Immigration Detention Hotel, where refugees often criticize the conditions. They also request that Djokovic be relocated to “a better place of detention”, which would permit him to prepare for the Australian Open.

Voracova, a fellow tennis player, was also held in the Park Hotel immigration detention facility. She described the experience as “like being in prison.”

Ana Brnabic, the Serbian Prime Minister, stated that Djokovic would be staying at Park Hotel until an official decision is made.

According to reporters, she said, “We have managed to ensure that gluten-free foods are delivered to him as well as exercise tools and a SIMcard so that he can be in touch with his family.” She also stated that there had been positive discussions behind the scenes.

She said, “It is a positive tone by the Australian side.”

Australia has strict pandemic borders that prohibit foreigners from entering the country.

Although foreigners are allowed to fly into Australia with a valid visa online, they will still need to clear immigration customs upon arrival.

The Australian Open starts in Melbourne on 17 January.


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