Ofcom is not going to investigate Lorraine’s Covid-19 claims.


Ofcom, the media watchdog has stated that it won’t investigate Lorraine by ITV after Dr Hilary Jones misled us about Covid-19 numbers.

Ofcom received 3833 complaints from patients after Dr Hilary misrepresented that 95% of Covid-19 patients at hospital had not been vaccinated. The figure was also more applicable for those who were in intensive care.

This claim was submitted on December 6. The claim was clarified two days later.

Ofcom warned ITV that they would take greater care in the future.

But, the watchdog resisted formal investigations.

‘Greater protection’

Lorraine Kelly, the presenter, repeated the claim of Dr Hilary on 6/12/12. Martin Kemp was also incorrectly quoted on Lorraine on the day following.

Ofcom stated that they took into consideration the fact that the Daytime program was on-air and that clarifications were broadcast on December 8.

Ofcom spokeswoman said that “This program incorrectly referenced Covid-19 patients who are not vaccinated in hospitals.” ITV has been informed by us that we recommend trusted medical professionals take greater responsibility when reporting facts on health matters.

“We don’t think that this error is sufficient to mislead viewers about the main topic of discussion, however, as research and statistics consistently show that Covid-19 vaccine offers more protection from serious health consequences.

According to data obtained from the UK Health Security Agency UKHSA, approximately 40% of patients admitted to Covid-19 hospitals in December 2013 were not vaccinated.

The figures for intensive care may not be as current, because they predate Omicron. According to the most recent data, however, Covid-19 patients admitted for critical care were less likely to have been vaccinated than 75% in May 2021. This was down to 47% by October 2021.

The figures do not include length of stay. It is possible for patients who haven’t been vaccinated to become more severely ill and end up in Intensive care longer.

Hospital admissions of patients who are not vaccinated have fallen as a larger proportion of UK residents have received vaccinations.

Even if a fraction of these people becomes seriously ill it could be sufficient to surpass the more severe cases that are more frequent among those who have not been vaccinated.

Source: BBC.com

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