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Officials: Kongsberg: The bow and arrow attack seems to be terrorist – Kongsberg

by Lester Blair
People in Kongsberg place tributes for the dead after an attack which left five people dead in the town
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Norway’s security services (PST), stated that a deadly attack with bow and arrow in Norway, which resulted in five deaths, appears to be an act of terror.

But, a motive is still unknown.

Police say that the suspect was a Danish citizen aged 37 who had recently converted to Islam. There were also fears that he might have been radicalised.

On Wednesday, he is charged with the murders of four men and two women in Kongsberg.

The violence has left residents devastated.

Flags flew at half mast on Thursday. Flowers and other tributes were then placed in Kongsberg’s main Square.

Ole Bredrup Saeverud (regional police chief) told reporters that the victims ranged in age from 50 to 70.

  • The facts we have learned about the Norway bow & arrow attack

On Wednesday, 18:12 GMT (or 19:12 GMT), was the first time that an attack had been reported. The man fled after he fired several shots at police officers six minutes later. He was captured about thirty minutes later.

According to the chief of police, it was at this point that victims died, after they were first arrested and approached.

Local media received reports that witnesses also saw a woman being stabbed in a nearby area.

Espen Andersen Brathen was named the suspect.

When he was finally arrested, police fired warning shots. However it’s not known if the officers had been armed at the time they encountered him. Police officers in Norway don’t usually have guns with them. Weapons are kept at stations and patrol cars.

It was Norway’s most brutal attack since Anders Behring Breivik (far-right extremist) killed 77 teenagers on Utoya Island in July 2011.

According to reports, the attacker attacked a Coop Extra store on Kongsberg’s western side. An off-duty officer of the police was also in the store at the time.

Officer and other wounded officers are currently in stable condition with no life-threatening injuries.

TV2 interviewed a local witness who said she heard the commotion, saw a woman running for cover and then saw a man on the corner holding a quiver of arrows and a bow.

“I then saw people running for the lives. “One of them was a woman with a baby in her hands,” she said.

Norwegian media agency NTB was told by police that an attacker had used another weapon during the incident. However, they did not provide any additional details.

Authorities have cordoned off parts of town after the suspect made a lot of movement.

The authorities asked residents to remain indoors while they investigated the scene and gathered evidence. With the assistance of sniffer dogs, police searched gardens and garages surrounding.

Kari Anne Sand, Kongsberg’s Mayor, stated that it was shocking to see such a terrible attack happen in an area with many residents. She also said that there would be a team of crisis workers available to assist anyone who is affected.

Ms. Sand described the community as “an entirely ordinary community with completely normal people,” and said that everyone was deeply affected by “this very tragic circumstance”.

Fiona Herland from Britain, a five-year resident of Kongsberg, said that the town is “a warm and cosy place. Nothing happens here.”

It is absolutely heartbreaking. She said that you can sense the darkening atmosphere in the room.

The suspect was taken by officers to Drammen’s police station. Fredrik Neumann his defense lawyer said that he had been questioned more than 3 hours and that he cooperated with the authorities.

He said that the suspect was born in Denmark to a Danish mother, and he had a Norwegian father. Mette Frederiksen (Denmark’s Prime Minister) said the Danish authorities will cooperate with Norwegian counterparts during this investigation.

Police prosecutor Ann Irén Svane Mathiassen told TV2 that the man had lived in Kongsberg for several years.

This attack occurred on the last day of Erna Solberg’s conservative government. Jonas Gahr Store (Labour leader) was appointed Norway’s prime minister on Thursday with a centre-left coalition.

Store described it as “gruesome” and “brutal”.

Jens Stoltenberg is a NATO secretary general and hails from Oslo. He said that it was shocking news.

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Norway does not consider bows or arrows illegal weapons. They are allowed to be bought and owned, but owners must use them at approved archery ranges.

Police officers across the country were given instructions to have firearms in case of an attack. However, there has been no indication that the threat level has changed since then, the Norwegian directorate stated in a statement.

According to the PST, this level will remain moderate.

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