According to UK Music, one in three British music jobs was lost in the Covid-19 epidemic.

According to research, there would be 69,000 fewer music jobs in 2020 than 2019 — a 35% drop – due in part to the coronavirus’ “devastating effect”.

UK Music stated that the virus had hit the music industry “especially hard.”

According to the report, musicians as well as those who work in studios and venues were most affected.

The UK Music Report, entitled This Is Music 2021 was released on Tuesday. It revealed that live music revenues fell by approximately 90% in 2020.

According to the report, “Music creators and live music industries experienced the most decline”

They noted that, while some were able get assistance from the government furlough programme, many others weren’t eligible.

It continued, “This has led to thousands of musicians creators, crews and other people leaving the industry for different sectors.”

Many people are committed to music careers, however they have had to find other income sources.

It said that the music industry saw a decline in its workforce from 197,000 people to 128,000 by 2020, after having grown for the previous decade.

UK Music cannot say how many of these jobs were created in 2021. However, most venues have reopened after the lifting of restrictions.

With many venues having shut their doors last year, and events like Glastonbury Festival forced to cancel, the music industry’s contribution to the UK economy fell by 46%, from £5.8bn in 2019 to £3.1bn in 2020, according to the research.

The value of UK music exports also fell, from £2.9bn in 2019 to £2.3bn, the report said.

UK Music called for tax incentives and other measures to assist the music industry in recovery.

  • The Music of Covid: Back to Life

Jamie Njoku, chief executive of UK Music said that the past 18 months had been extremely difficult for the UK’s music industry. The sector lost billions. However, the UK Music chief executive Jamie Njoku was determined to focus on the future and recover.

We have seen how vital music has been to our lives for the past year and it is more crucial than ever to take steps to support, grow, and strengthen the industry.

Nadine Dorries, Culture Secretary, stated that the government had been focusing on rescue and reopening as the introduction to this report.

She continued, “Now it is important to ensure strong recovery.” “The UK’s music industry is a great national asset, and I pledge that my government will support it all the way.”

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