Ovo Energy boss blames bad day for ‘ridiculous’ advice

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Ovo suggested that pets be cuddled in order to stay warm.

Ovo Energy boss blames a bad day for the ridiculous advice customers received on how to keep warm in the face rising prices.

Stephen Fitzpatrick, a BBC reporter said he was “really embarrassed” by his 10-point plan. This included doing “a few star jumps” as well as cuddling with pets.

Ovo apologized on Tuesday and Fitzpatrick, on BBC TV and Radio on Wednesday, repeated his sorry.

He said, “We are a big company. Someone had a bad day.”

He stated that he felt “really embarrassed” at the ridiculous advice sent to its customers by SSE Energy’s SSE Energy division about “simple, cost-effective ways of keeping warm this winter”.

After concerns over rising costs of living and increasing energy bills, it was made.

Fitzpatrick said that he would like to apologize again and that he believes this was what they’re going be apologizing for for, for a while.

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Although he said that the email was not appropriate, he stated that he believed it to be written with good intentions.

Fitzpatrick stated, “The truth of the matter is that it should have been caught,”

SSE had a webpage with tips for keeping warm during winter. It suggested that you wear extra layers, keep moving, and challenge your kids to a contest of hula-hoop or do a few star jumps.

SSE also suggested that people can stop draughts by opening their oven after cooking is finished. They could also find extra heat by cuddling with pets or loved ones in order to stay warm.

In recent months, both businesses and households have noticed an increase in their energy costs as wholesale gas prices rose sharply.

Lobby for honesty

Ovo boss was praised for his sincere apology.

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A user stated that this was the right response: “Accept responsibility, accept the flak and apologise.

Nik Govier is the founder and chief executive officer of Blurred PR Consulting, which assists companies in crisis management.

In light of the huge customer losses, she said that Mr Fitzpatrick’s genuine and human apology was the best way to deal with the error.

“Many people prefer to hide behind artificially crafted and carefully written quotes than speak truthfully about the situation.”

I believe that customers will appreciate this honest, open acknowledgment of their terrible judgment error.

Ms. Govier stated that corporate leaders must speak with humanity and not from “disconnect” to millions of people who are suffering because of the difficult times.

Insulation that is better

On Monday, the Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Group called on the government to prioritise energy saving through home improvements, saying better insulation could save UK households more than £500 a year on energy bills.

“Unless we see the significance of these issues in the next weeks, the UK will be faced with a terrible situation where households are unable to afford heating their homes,” added Mr Fitzpatrick.

Rising energy prices have been caused by increased oil and gas consumption in Asia and rapid economic recovery after some lockdowns.

But, Fitzpatrick stated that he expects wholesale energy prices will begin to drift lower by 2022.

Source: BBC.com

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