Pakistan: Drivers of heavy snowtraps vehicles in Pakistan are killing many

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Military personnel are trying to save people still in captivity

Heavy snow in Northern Pakistan has caused at least 21 deaths.

Military personnel are working to rescue people still trapped in the area of Murree, a hilltop community.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said that around 1,000 vehicles had been trapped on roads during the blizzard.

Murree can be found north of Islamabad in a mountain town called Mountain Resort Town. Local media reports that snow was causing tourists to become stranded.

Murree had seen more than 100,000 cars enter the town in recent days due to unusually high snowfall. According to police, this caused massive traffic jams on the roads that led into and out of Murree.

The police said that at least six victims had died in the car, although it was not clear why others were still alive. Possible causes of death include asphyxiation from inhaling toxic fumes.

People are being urged not to go.

Tourist Usman Abbasi told the AFP by phone that “people are in a terrible position.”

He added that “it’s not just tourists who are facing serious problems”, including water and gas scarcity.

In a video message, Mr Rashid stated that Murree was experiencing a record-breaking tourist surge for the first time in over 15 years.

Premier Minister Imran Khan was shocked by the tragic deaths of tourists.

Khan tweeted, “Have ordered inquiry” and “put in place strong regulations for the prevention of such tragedies.”

Murree was constructed by the British as a base medical for colonial troops in 19th-century Britain.


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