Peng Shuai: A man claims to be able to identify an athlete and says that the WTA heads ignored his mail

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Peng Shuai allegedly sent the email to Steve Simon, head of WTA.

Peng Shuai’s friend, an unidentified man claimed to be the leader of the Women’s Tennis Association. He accused her of failing to reply to an email.

Ding Li took a photo of mail she claims to have sent to Steve Simon at WTA asking for privacy.

After being accused by Zhang Gaoli, former Vice-Premier Zhang of sexually assaulting Peng, Ms Peng vanished from the public eye.

WTA led an outcry of protesters demanding that she be proven safe.

The 35-year-old Peng is a top Chinese tennis player. She had written 1,600 words on Weibo in China earlier this month, where she made allegations against Mr Zhang, 75.

It is the largest case of its type in China’s #MeToo movement.

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We don’t know much about Mr. Ding. He claims to be friends with the tennis player. His relationship with her and Ding is not known. He is said to be a top executive at a company that manages athletes and organizes events.

He claimed that Ms Peng had written an email to Simon in which she wrote: “At present I don’t wish to be disturbed. [can you]Do not exaggerate my private life. I hope to live quietly. We are grateful for your continued concern.

Mister Ding claimed that Simon received emails from her but had “avoided”, the BBC in an email interview.

Additionally, Simon also said that Mr Simon had provided his contact details to 10 tennis players along with media outlets. He claimed this caused him to harass her by making too many phone calls.

He said that this was “a very important factor” as to why she wasn’t talking with Mr Simon.

Ms Peng was also in Beijing, and she had “freedom to move”. He said that Ms Peng was not under any supervision or pressure and had no intention of punishing her.

She declined to be interviewed by the BBC because she felt her life had been significantly affected. When asked why she wasn’t speaking directly to the public, she replied that “she just wishes to have good rest alone at her home” – a statement repeated in state media in order to excuse her exclusion from public view.

Many, including activists groups and the WTA, have doubted such claims.

As her emails to WTA revealed, Mr Ding said that Ms Peng was not being investigated or taken into consideration by the authorities. This is even though Ms Peng explicitly said she was forced to have sexual relations with Zhang Gaoli.

Simon threatened to take the WTA out of China. This would be a significant move. The country will host 10 WTA events next year, which includes the Wuhan Open as well as the WTA finals at Shenzhen.

Next year’s Wuhan Open will mark the return of tennis to Wuhan since the outbreak.

She was also sought by the US and UN as well as a host of tennis superstars, such as Serena Williams or Naomi Osaka.

China was furious at the attention paid to him, especially after a number of videos and photographs that seemed to prove his innocence.

WTA stated that the WTA was not satisfied with the WTA’s recent videos.

China released a statement days ago stating that “people should cease deliberately and maliciously hyper-hyping.” [the issue]It is important to not politicize the issue.

Tessa Wong, BBC Chinese and BBC Chinese Reporting


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