Ferdinand Marcos’ son, the former dictator of the Philippines, announced that he would run for presidency in next year’s elections.

Ferdinand Marcos Jr., also known as Bongbong and popularly called Bongbong, declared his candidacy via a Facebook video.

Rodrigo Duterte’s ally, the 64-year-old has promised to be a “unified leader” in his country.

He ruled over the Philippines for twenty years, until his father was overthrown in 1985.

Marcos Sr. seized the dictatorial power of 1972 just one year before his second term. He then placed the Philippines under martial law. He seized control of Congress, ordered the arrests of his political enemies and then ruled through decree.

He ruled a country marked by extrajudicial executions and torture. A “people power”, army-backed revolt finally drove him out. He was forced to flee Hawaii and died there in 1989.

Marcos Jr. was the son of the ex-president. Marcos Jr. is a politician for many years. He served as a senator in 2010-2016, before narrowly losing in 2016’s bid to become vice-presidency.

This is his latest announcement that he will run for President Duterte’s office. He has been banned from running again under the Constitution. Manny Pacquiao and Francisco Domagoso have declared their candidacy as former world boxing champs.

Many young people love Mr Marcos and his family still supports him in Ilocos Norte, its stronghold.

He has been accused of trying to cover up his father’s dictatorship by invoking economic growth and minimising human rights violations during this time.

He claimed that he wasn’t old enough to take responsibility for the crimes under the father’s rule, even though he held office in his 20s as the governor of the home province during 1983-86.

Analysts believe that there could be an alliance between Sara Duterte and Marcos, the daughter of the president and mayor in Davao City.

Since his youth, Mr Duterte was a long-standing ally of the Marcos clan. In 2016, he gave the remains of the ex-dictator a burial as a hero and publicized the notion that he would end the pursuit for his hidden riches.

A remarkable political return for the family would culminate in Mr Marcos’ election. Members of the Marcos family have been in a variety of positions since returning from exile. His mother, a former senator from Texas, was his mother.

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