Polish lawyer, Jan Szymanski, has created a program to support migrants who have crossed into Belarus illegally.

Kamil Syller appeals to those living close to the border to turn on a green signal to indicate that they are able to provide food and shelter for migrants.

This Facebook page is updated in English, Polish, and Arabic by the project to increase awareness with migrants.

Recently, Poland saw a significant increase in those trying to cross from Belarus.

Syller is a resident of 5 kilometers from the border. He said that many migrants were putting themselves at risk staying in trees during freezing weather instead of asking for help. This was because they fear being sent home to Belarus.

In recent weeks at least six migrants were killed near the border. This is likely to be hypothermia due to the low temperatures.

Syller spoke to Wyborcza Polish Newspaper and stated that migrants who call these homes can count on getting a meal, first aid, and the opportunity to charge their phones. The Polish government was also criticised by Syller.

He stated that the authorities in his country had calculated the deaths of refugee refugees by enacting harsh regulations which will be soon implemented and legalise pushback. We, the people of the borderland who are able to see the human drama and suffer, don’t have to make calculations.

“We have to remain human.”

However, he acknowledged that an open house with a green signal may draw the attention of the authorities and possibly lead border-crossers to guards.

“It is hard. It’s true, some people may mark their homes with a joke or lure refugees. They will then hand them over immediately to the services to take them to the forest at the Polish-Belarusian frontier. He said that it was a matter for their conscience.”

All three countries, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland have reported sharp rises in the number of migrants crossing through Belarus from Afghanistan and Iraq.

The EU and Poland accuse Belarus, among other things, of using migrants to weaponize them by encouraging them in Belarus to travel to the EU for further passage.

These people claim this is an act in retaliation against authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko after increased EU sanctions.

A new Polish bill was approved by the Polish parliament this week, allowing border officers to instantly expel anyone who crosses the border illegally. The new bill gives border guards the power to reject international asylum applications without having them examined.

Human rights organizations say that Poland must assist asylum seekers, regardless of whether they arrived illegally.

Source: BBC.com

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