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Florentina Dimache claims her family moved to Northern Ireland because she wanted to work

An intimidation campaign against a Romanian family was carried out by youths from County Armagh.

Their Portadown house was attacked with stones and pumpkins on Saturday night.

Florentina Dimache stated that they arrived in Northern Ireland for work, but now they feel unsafe.

The family was not accused of any wrongdoing and police claimed they had been targeted simply because of their nationality.

Ms Dimache has two children and said that she wanted their safety.

She told BBC News NI that it was difficult because she and her husband came to Belfast just for work, as well as my daughter.

She loves being here, but she is now very sad. She says to me: “Mum, could we return to Romania? I don’t want to live here anymore.”

According to her, there were around 20 teens outside their home Saturday night. They were banging on the doors as well.

Another night, so loud was the banging that the door didn’t open.

She said, “I slept on my bed because it was impossible to lock the door.”

“I must protect my children upstairs. If anything goes wrong, I will be the first in here until they get upstairs.”

According to police, the Dimaches weren’t the only ones being attacked in this area.

The police stated that “these youths took it upon themselves attack residents of the neighborhood in an attack against their homes,”

Although some of these young people may not be directly involved in the attack, there are still a few others who want to make life difficult for the families of Portadown that come here to seek better lives and work.

“Noone can decide where someone should live on the basis of their race or religion. This is hate crime.”

Police appeal to carers and parents, stating that it is crucial they understand where and with whom their child is.


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