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Jason Greenwood claimed that his entire belongings were stored in a van, while he waits until he can complete the project.

A cyber-security breach has left many house-buyers who used a conveyancing agency in disarray.

Premier Property Lawyers, located in Enderby (Leicestershire), stated that some of their systems were unavailable due to a “security problem” and property transactions had been delayed.

Customers complained of difficulties in reaching the company or lack thereof.

PPL stated that it is working with cyber experts to repair its IT systems.

Jason Greenwood is a Redcar DJ, Teesside. He said he already had his possessions packed into a van but was still waiting to finish when he found out about the problems with PPL.

According to him, he was first suspicious that there may be an issue after he couldn’t access the PPL website Monday night.

He stated that the removal van arrived at 08:00 Tuesday morning and they loaded everything into the van, but couldn’t find any PPL.

“They replied on Twitter to my complaint and said that they don’t have the time to move forward.

“All of my items, clothing and other household goods are packed in a van. There are ongoing fees with the removals company, as the van is tied up. Time is ticking.”

According to Mr Greenwood (42), he was currently sleeping with his daughter, seven years old, at his parent’s house.

It’s very stressful. His words: “I had major surgery recently to remove a tumour so I don’t sleep well and I can’t eat because of it.”

Michelle, a customer from Coventry also stated that Michael, her husband, visited PPL’s Leicestershire offices to find out if he was able to go anywhere.

According to BBC Radio Leicester, “There was a sign stating that there had been a major accident and that you should not log in until your manager has communicated with you.”

“That was clearly for the staff, but that was right at his door when he came in. He spoke to the receptionist and was informed they were working on it.”

Michelle stated that they had joined a chain of four people, and were planning on exchanging Monday before moving in to their new house next week.

But she stated that PPL had yet to contact her.

Moving house can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

We’re not asleep. “We’re not sleeping. We live in a house packed and ready for the next week.

We got rid of the bed and my daughter is now sleeping on the ground. It is just an awful nightmare.

Adam Graver (24) and Anna (29), have just returned home from their honeymoon. Their first home will be moved into on Monday.

His explanation was that “I attempted to log in to the online portal Monday, but the site wasn’t functioning” and that’s what he told me.

“We left our hotel at Monday, and there was no place to go after that.

“We were fortunate to be able to move in together with my in-laws. This has been really useful, but I think about the people who do not have that option.”

Premier Property Lawyers is a subsidiary to My Home Move. It said that it had reported the security issue to appropriate authorities and was now “taking steps” for clients and partners.

One spokesperson stated that the company was working with cyber-experts to repair systems and support clients’ property transactions. The investigation will also be conducted to better understand the situation.

The current problems are due to the inability temporarily to access certain of our IT systems. This has unfortunately prevented some transactions from being completed.

We are committed to finding solutions for our clients, partners and employees in this time of great difficulty.

A Wednesday update on My Home Move’s website stated that IT systems have been restored. The team had worked through the night in order to complete the backlog.

It stated: “We are working tirelessly to get our normal operations back up and running as quickly as we can.”

“This involves carefully bringing online systems as part of an orderly phased approach. We also need to find workarounds for transactions.

We aren’t fully functional in all areas of business, but we are working hard to resolve the problem and work night and day until it is solved.

According to the Information Commissioner’s Office, it was contacted by the company.

According to a spokesperson, “People can expect organisations to handle personal data securely and responsibly.”

“The Move Factory Holdings Limited [the 100% shareholder of Premier Property Lawyers and other related brands]We are investigating after being made aware by an individual about the incident.

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