Prince Andrew is stripped of his military titles, and he no longer uses HRH.

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Buckingham Palace announced that the Duke of York’s royal patronages and military titles have been restituted to her.

A royal source confirmed that Prince Andrew (61), will stop wearing the style of His Royal Highness as an official title.

This comes at a time when he is facing a US civil suit over allegations of sexual assault – which he has repeatedly denied.

According to a source, the Duke would continue to defend himself against Virginia Giuffre’s New York case.

After the attempt of the prince to dismiss it, a judge in the city decided Wednesday that Ms Giuffre’s case could be continued.

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Buckingham Palace released the following statement: “With Queen Elizabeth’s consent and agreement, the Dukes of York’s military affiliations as well as Royal patronages were returned to the Queen.”

“The Duke Of York will continue to refuse any public duty and is currently defending this case in his capacity as a private citizen.”

A source confirmed that Prince Andrew has been given all his roles back to the Queen immediately and they will now be distributed to other Royal Family members.

The spokesperson from the Ministry of Defence stated that the Ministry had not commented on the Duke’s transfer of military titles to Queen Elizabeth and it was an issue for the Palace.

More than 150 Royal Navy and RAF veterans signed a letter requesting that the Queen remove Prince Andrew from his eight British military titles. It was released Thursday by Republic, an anti-monarchy pressure group.

Buckingham Palace responded quickly and was almost as brutal.

The toxic fallout of the accusations against Prince Andrew is keeping the Royal Family at a distance.

Virginia Giuffre will represent him as a private citizen. There will not be any His Royal Highness at this trial.

It is believed that this was a mutual agreement.

The military titles and royal positions will pass to the other family members, so they won’t come back to Prince Andrew regardless of what happens.

On a return of public life, the door is shut.

This is not clear yet, but it could apply to his constitutional role of a counselor of state. He’s one of four royals that can assume the Queen’s official duties if she becomes unwell.

Although the court case will continue to be headline news, there are concerns that it may cloud a year of jubilee. However, this clear decision will already have answered all calls for him to step down from any public positions.

Prince Andrew strongly denies any wrongdoing. His representatives claim that the fight for justice is a marathon, not a sprint.

This must be a rapid and huge retreat.

After a career of 22 years in the Royal Navy, the duke was also a helicopter pilot during World War II.

According to the Palace’s latest announcement, he lost his military title of Colonel of Grenadier Guards. This is one of the highest-ranking infantry regiments within the British army.

He no longer holds the following military titles in the UK:

  • Honorary air commodore at RAF Lossiemouth
  • Colonel-in Chief of the Royal Irish Regiment
  • Colonel-in Chief of the Small Arms School Corps
  • Commodore of the Fleet Air Arm
  • Royal colonel in the Royal Highland Fusiliers
  • The Royal Lancers (Queen Elisabeth’s Own) Deputy colonel in-chief
  • Royal colonel of Royal Regiment of Scotland

He also held several honorary overseas roles, such as colonel-in-chief Of The Royal Highland Fusiliers Of Canada or Colonel-in­­chief Of The Royal New Zealand Army Logistic Regiment.

However, he will keep his rank as Vice-Admiral.

He was an ex-member in the armed forces and was promoted along with his fellow servicemen. In 2015, he became Vice-Admiral of the Navy.

After stepping down from public duties, in 2019, the Duke was scheduled to be made Admiral at his 60th birthday. But, he requested to postpone this.

The Palace stated that his military appointments were suspended at the time.

Tobias Ellwood (chair of the House of Commons Defence Select Committee) welcomed the return of military titles and royal patronages to the Duke of York.

According to him, the BBC’s Newscast Podcast recorded that the change of status of the Duke of Edinburgh was necessary in order to preserve the military’s reputation.

“Prince Andrew had already taken a step back from many public duties, I believe all, and so this was predicted, in fact, it was expected. So I don’t find this surprising.

Ellwood stated that it was important for Prince Andrew’s problems to not be carried over into his regiments.

Jenny Bond, a journalist and ex-BBC Royal correspondent said that she didn’t anticipate the loss of the titles.

She stated that “Clearly, pressure was placed on him. And pressure on Queen Elizabeth was growing for action due to the disquiet in the military and people starting to say, ‘We don’t want toast to his health’ at regimental dinners.”

In August 2021, Ms Giuffre filed in New York a civil lawsuit under New York’s Child Victims Act. This law allows victims of child sexual abuse to file a claim that would otherwise have been closed because it was too late.

According to court papers filed in her civil case against Prince Andrew Ms Giuffre claimed she was the victim of sexual trafficking and abuse perpetrated by Jeffrey Epstein.

Elle claimed that she was loaned money to some powerful men as part of her abuse.

Ms. Giuffre asserts that Prince Andrew was her slave because of a billionaire financier who she had sex with when she turned 17.

The duke, she claims, abused her three times in both the UK and USA when she was minor.

The Queen’s second-born, in an interview in 2019 with BBC Newsnight, stated that he has no memory of having ever met Ms Giuffre and their story of having sex in the US or UK “didn’t happen”.

After the interview the duke quit public life.

Ms Maxwell, who was accused of trafficking and recruiting underage girls for Epstein’s sexual abuse, was sentenced to a month ago.


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