Robert Durst (US real estate heir) was sentenced for the murder of his best friend.

Durst was found guilty in 2000 of the murder of Susan Berman to prevent his wife from speaking to police about her disappearance.

At 55 years old, he was discovered shot to the head at her Beverly Hills residence. Two other victims were also believed to have been killed by him, according to police.

Durst was given a victim impact statement by Berman, in which he stated that his son had killed the woman he loved when committing her murder.

Durst, 1978, was called by the prosecution – who appeared before Los Angeles’ court to receive his sentence – “a narcissistic psychopath”.

He is likely to die in prison for his first-degree murder sentence.

A jury determined that the crime involved special circumstances such as murder in waiting and murder of witnesses.

Durst’s attorneys told the judge that Durst intends on appealing his conviction. Durst spoke only to the judge once, saying “yes” to being asked whether he would waive his right to attend a future hearing. 

Susan Berman, a crime writer from Las Vegas and the daughter of a Las Vegas mobster was also a spokeswoman. Durst became a suspect after Susan Berman disappeared with his wife.

Berman’s cousin, Denny Marcus, told the judge on Thursday: “I was robbed… of an absolutely extraordinary, unforgettable brilliant person whose life was savagely taken from her.”

Sareb Kaufman considers Berman his mom, as she was dating Berman’s father. He said, “I haven’t had one day off in the 21 years that this has caused me absolute destruction, grief, and pain.”

His kindness has allowed me to lose everything. He continued, “I have lost everything many times over because of him…

“My mother’s assassination and the events that took place over 40 years won’t leave me. Bob, are you content?

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Kathleen McCormack was a student at the University of Michigan and Durst’s spouse. She disappeared in 1982.

“The only way to redeem yourself is to find Kathy,” Kaufman said, urging Durst not to conceal the exact location of McCormack’s body.

According to US media, New York’s prosecutors may press new charges against him in his case.

Prosecutors argue that Durst killed three people. One of these was Morris Black (an elderly neighbour), who in 2001 discovered Durst’s identity as he was living in Texas, pretending to be an mute woman.

Durst, who was found not guilty of the murder of Mr Black by Durst, successfully claimed that he killed Black on self-defense before slicing the body.

Durst, a estranged brother of one New York’s most wealthy and powerful real-estate dynasties is Durst. Douglas Durst Durst, Durst’s brother, testified during the trial and said: “He’d love to murder me.”

Durst, at the conclusion of The Jinx series is heard murmuring to himself “What was I thinking?” They all were killed, naturally.”

Authorities arrested Durst, New Orleans’s police officer for the murder of Ms Berman hours before it aired. During the trial, the video clip was shown to jurors.


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