Robin Robin: Gillian Anderson’s search for her inner feline

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Gillian Anderson plays the role of Robin Robin’s menacing Cat, in Aardman’s animated short Robin Robin

Gillian Anderson must agree with the fact that Robin Robin, Aardman’s frightening Christmas animated cat, has some similarities to Margaret Thatcher’s character.

When BBC News asked her if there were any similarities in tone, she replied, “Oh my goodness, that’s not what I said.”

You’re correct, I think there’s a small amount of Mrs. T.

Robin Robin is the latest creation by Dan Ojari, Mikey Please and Bristol-based studio.

A short holiday film about a young male robin who has an identity crisis following being raised by mice.

According to the actress, she was shocked to learn that Cat was actually a musical and she would be expected to perform.

Her explanation: “Actually I didn’t know that it was musical. I hadn’t even read that part of the email.”

“I signed up for Aardman’s work, who I have been a long-time fan. It wasn’t until my first day in the studio, that I realized I would be singing.

They must have felt the shock in my eyes when the guitarists came in carrying the guitars. “I was unnerved”

Robin, her desired prey, is ultimately threatened by Cat because of her menacing nature – she’s half-speaking and half-singing.

Sarah Cox (executive producer) says that “there’s something very well followed in her menace, I think.”

She did everything so well. It’s all about power. A cat playing with a bird is at the bottom.

I don’t believe Mrs Thatcher intended any resemblance. Her voice was certainly reduced, and she didn’t try to be evil. Instead, they wanted something very creepy, manipulative.

Anderson, despite having worked in television and film for over 30 years, says it was hard to just use her voice to portray a character.

I find it more challenging than you may imagine. Actors are used to using facial expressions, gestures, and movements to communicate their thoughts.

Animation is a way to use your voice. It’s not about imbuing it with everything you don’t do physically.

You can also try to be what you want when you are being told by a director.

Voice work is more difficult for me, so there are more trials and errors. Although I like it, it’s quite different from regular acting.

Robin Robin has Richard E Grant playing Magpie and Adeel Akhitar as Dad Mouse. Robin adopts Robin when he is a hatchling.

Cox said that she believes these Aardman latest creations such as Wallace and Gromit or Shaun the Sheep, could be the beginning of new adventures.

These characters can help you tell a variety of stories in the woodland where city meets country, from an animal standpoint. “I feel that there’s some Beatrix Potter-like characters here, and we have a lot more potential if the audience wants it,” she said.

“I cannot believe nobody else thought to make a festive animated show with a Robin before. My reaction to being pitched was to respond, “Quick! Let’s do this before somebody else does it.”

Robin Robin is now available on Netflix


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