Russia Ukraine: Biden warns Russia about Ukraine’s’redlines’

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Vladimir Putin was threatened by President Biden, warning him that he won’t accept Russian “redlines” regarding Ukraine

Joe Biden warned that he won’t accept Moscow’s “red lines”, as Russia fears an impending invasion of Ukraine.

US president Donald Trump stated that he would make it difficult for Russia to invade its neighbor.

US media reported today that intelligence officers are concerned about an invasion starting in 2022.

The announcement comes at a time when Ukraine has claimed that Russia has increased its border military and amassed 94,000 troops.

To ease tensions, Mr Biden will be calling Russian President Vladimir Putin via video. According to the US President, he was expecting to talk with Vladimir Putin for a prolonged discussion and warned reporters that he won’t “accept any one’s red lines”.

He said, “What I’m doing is compiling what I believe the most extensive and meaningful set to make it very very difficult to Mr Putin go ahead with what people are concerned he’s about to do,” before he headed off to Camp David for his presidential retreat.

While Biden was unable to specify what specific actions the US will take, officials from the US and Ukraine warned this week again that Russia is under severe economic sanctions.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov claimed that new sanctions were being threatened by the US after he met with Antony Blinken (US Secretary of State).

  • Russia is inciting border tensions between Ukraine and Russia
  • Nato alerts over Russian buildup close to Ukraine

The Washington Post reported Mr Biden’s remarks as he said that US intelligence officers fear the Kremlin may be planning an offensive across multiple fronts, involving as many as 175,000 troops.

According to officials, there has been an increase in propaganda activities through proxy media and outlets that denigrate Ukraine before any invasion.

Oleksiy Reznikov (Ukraine’s Defence Minister) stated that Russia is most likely to escalate at the end January.

Britain’s top military officer has said this week, “We have to be on guard” regarding the possible conflict in the area.

General Sir Nick Carter stated to the BBC that while he “certainly hoped” not to have a war against Russia, Nato should be ready in case of such an event.

Tensions between Russia, Ukraine and other countries are not new. Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula in 2014. Soon after, it began to support a separatist movement in Ukraine’s eastern region that has resulted in some 14,000 deaths in fighting.

Recently, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zilensky moved against Russian interests by imposing sanctions on a strong friend of President Putin, and prohibiting broadcasts from three proRussian TV stations.


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