Russia-Ukraine: US warnings of “false Flag” operation

Image source, EPA

Ukraine is worried that Russia may be planning to invade.

According to a US official, Russia has plans to provoke Ukraine in order to give it an excuse to invade.

John Kirby, a Pentagon spokesperson said that the US knew of information that Russian operatives were in Ukraine in order to carry out a “false flag” operation. Russia could accuse Ukraine that it is preparing for an attack.

Russia denies the allegations.

This warning was issued after Ukraine claimed that Russia had been behind cyberattacks on numerous official sites.

A message warned Ukrainians that the worst was yet to come before the websites were taken offline. The majority of sites could be accessed within hours.

NATO and the USA condemned this attack and offered their support for Ukraine. Russia has yet to comment on this hack.

  • All week Russia and West have been talking, but the war risk is there
  • Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine

On Friday, Mr Kirby spoke to reporters about Russia’s plans.

He stated that the group had “pre-positioned” a group to carry out what we called a fake-flag operation. This operation was intended to make it appear as an attack on Ukraine or Russian speaking Ukrainians, and give them an excuse to enter.

Officials from the US said that they were taught urban warfare tactics and used explosives in sabotage to stop pro-Russian rebels.

The Defense Ministry in Ukraine stated that similar attacks were being planned against Russian troops stationed within the Transdnistria region, which is part of Ukraine.

Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin spokesperson, responded that the reports were unsubstantiated. He said they could be “confirmed” by nothing.

This follows a statement made by Jake Sullivan (US National Security Adviser) about earlier statements that Russia had laid the foundations for trying to invent a pretext to invade Ukraine.

This was Russia’s playbook when it took over Crimea in 2014.

Russia’s weaponry has been accumulated along with the tens and thousands of troops at its border with Ukraine. This raises fears about invasion.


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