Rust: Armourer on Alec Baldwin film sues prop supplier over ammunition supply

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Gutierrez-Reed claims that she recalls filling the gun with rounds labeled as “dummy ammunition” (stock photo).

Rust’s armourer, who was responsible for weapons during filming, sued the prop vendor. He claimed that his company supplied “a mixture of live and dummy ammunition” to the set.

Halyna Hutchins, a cinematographer, was shot to death last year by Alec Baldwin after he fired his gun at a rehearsal. He was told that the firearm was secure.

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, Armourer seeks unspecified damages at Seth Kenney and PDQ Arm and Prop LLC.

Kenney is yet to comment.

However, December is the best month for this. He told Good Morning AmericaIt’s impossible that they could [the live rounds]PDQ and myself.”

Baldwin, actor and producer has said he didn’t “pull the trigger”. He told ABC News December that he would “never point a gun at anybody and pull the trigger on them.”

Gutierrez Reed has brought a legal claim in New Mexico for an undisclosed amount. This is the state in which Gutierrez-Reed was killed in the October shooting. Joel Souza (the film’s director) was also injured in the shoot.

According to court records, Ms Gutierrez Reed claimed that police found seven live bullets after the shooting.

They were also distributed in a box with ammunition and belts for actors to use as an accessory.

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According to Hannah Gutierrez Reed’s lawyer and the armourer, Kenney and his crew “created dangerous conditions on the film set,” according to Reed.

She claims that the ammunition was incorrectly misrepresented as only Dummy ammunition, even though it had both live and dummy ammunition.

“Defendants provided ammunition boxes purporting that they contained dummy round ammunition, but in fact contained live ammunition and a mixture of both dummy ammunition.

Authorities investigating the shooting attempted to seize Baldwin’s mobile phone several weeks ago but were unsuccessful despite being issued a warrant.

He retorted against suggestions that he was not following through, saying it takes time to specify exactly what the phone needs.

Gutierrez Reed claims that she recalls filling the gun with rounds labeled as dummy ammunition and shaking the box until it made the sound inert rounds make.

The documents stated that Hannah knew of six dummy bullets in the gun.

Covid protocol prevented her from going into the church to film, and she was forced to surrender control of the gun about 15 minutes prior.

Baldwin practiced camera angles to capture the scene, but it was not filmable.


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