Dave Halls (assistant director of Rust) was fired from an earlier production due to gun safety violations.

Alec Baldwin, actor in the Western, accidentally killed Halyna HUTCHINS last week.

Freedom’s Path’s producers have confirmed Monday to AFP that Halls has been fired for 2019.

The statement stated that the incident occurred after crew members “inflicted a minor and temporary injury” when an unintentionally discharged gun.

Rocket Soul Studios claimed that Halls was unable to be reached for comment. Halls is not suspected to be responsible for Rust.

In a statement to BBC, the producers of the studio said: “First off all, we send our condolences to anyone who was affected by this tragic incident in New Mexico.”

“Halls had to be removed immediately following the discharge of the prop gun. The prop gun was discharged, and production stopped filming. Dave had to be off the set. A report on an incident was made and it was filed.

A Rust incident affidavit states that Halls gave the gun to Baldwin in a rehearsal, calling out “cold gun” and meaning that it had no live ammunition.

The affidavit stated that Dave Halls, the assistant director of the security department did not know how many live rounds are in his prop-gun.

Juan Rios of Santa Fe Sheriff’s Department, who is investigating the incident on Monday said it was “a complex case”.

According to him, investigators interviewed Hannah Gutierrez who was in charge of the safekeeping and security of the weapons set. He did not give any further information. Gutierrez is yet to comment publicly, and the BBC was unable reach her.

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A Monday inventory of the seized items was also released. It showed that investigators had found loose ammunition and boxes from the set. However, they were unable to say what kind.

Investigators are hoping that ballistic evidence from the weapon will be analyzed forensically to reveal what type of projectile it was and how it got there.

Hutchins was shot to death and Joel Souza, the director of rehearsals, was injures when Baldwin’s revolver was accidentally discharged.

Baldwin, as well as other crew members were interviewed. There have not been any charges.

Camera operators protested against the working conditions of the camera set before the incident.

Baldwin’s wife Hilaria made her first public comment about the incident on Monday. She said that she couldn’t express the pain and shock caused by the tragic accident.

Halyna is my heart. Her husband. Her son. They are their family. On Instagram, she shared “And my Alec”.

Elsewhere, a T-shirt which declares: “Guns Don’t Kill People, Alec Baldwin Kills People” is being sold for $27.99 (£20.32) on a merchandise site linked to Donald Trump Jr, the son of the former US President – who Baldwin has routinely mocked on Saturday Night Live.

While many people have condemned the T-shirts’ design, Trump Jr. has stood by the product and tweeted: “Spare my fake sanctimony.”

After the shooting, Flint: Who Can You Believe?, an environmental documentary narrated and produced by Baldwin has been rescheduled, according to its director.

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Source: BBC.com

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