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Caption for the image Fisherton Tunnel is located east of Salisbury Station, where the trains collided.

Police have stated that the injuries sustained by one of the two train drivers in an accident are life-changing.

Salisbury’s Great Western and South Western Railway crashed into Salisbury Sunday evening, leaving passengers reporting that they were thrown out of their seats.

British Transport Police (BTP), reported that the driver was currently in stable condition in an emergency room.

Total of 14 patients were admitted to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

It happened near London Road at 18:46 GMT. There were many children tricking or treating in nearby areas when the accident occurred.

Initial thought was that a carriage had been thrown off a railing after it hit an object. The second train crashed into the first one when signalling was lost.

Supt Lisa Garrett from BTP stated that the evidence was not strong enough to conclude that the train struck something before it derailed at an early stage.

  • Support for shaken passengers is a rallying cry of the community

Surveillant Garrett stated that of the 92 passengers who were on the train, thirty attended a hospital in the nearby area. Most had been “walking wounded”.

The driver and two other people remain at the hospital.

Garrett stated that the accident caused more serious injuries to the driver, and the severity of his injuries is life-threatening.

“We are now out of rescue and have moved into investigation. This will require the trains to remain in place for some time.”

Garrett stated that it was not clear that the driver of the derailment train set off an emergency alarm. This would cause the signals around to turn red.

Angela Mattingley, a passenger said that there was panic when the lights went out and everyone fell forwards.

Lucy Gregory, another board member, stated that she was carried across a table from the impact, and eventually ended up on the ground.

They smashed our windows, and they let us out. “It was scary!” she stated.

Corinna, 51-year-old from Derby, said that a 3-week-old baby had been rescued after being thrown against the wall.

Tamar Vellacott was 25, and said she was just a short distance from the scene with her two young children.

It was an unusual noise that we have never heard. My children panicked thinking it was a bomb. We suggested that a truck had collided on London Road.

There was no screeching sound, like brakes. It was a long rumbling sound that sounded like thunder striking the rail line.

The GWR 17:08 Great Western Railway (GWR), service running from Portsmouth Harbour, Bristol Temple Meads to Bristol Harbour was derailed at the approach to Salisbury station. Signalling was lost in this area.

Soon after, the South Western Railway (17:20 SWR) train from London Waterloo and Honiton collided briefly with the Bristol train.

As a result, rail services were disrupted Monday morning due to the crash. There have been cancellations on several train journeys.

It is expected that disruption to the rail line will last at most a few days. According to senior rail sources, because the positions of the crashes – both in and out of tunnels – make it more complex and longer for the railway to recover the carriages.

Standing on London Road bridge, I’m about 150m away from tunnel entrance. The carriage in front of me is tilted slightly, and the one next to it is tilted very alarmingly. This makes for a strange, desolate view of a train which hasn’t been properly secured on its rails.

The south coast train, which came from Portsmouth, was the first to enter the tunnel. This is a local train service in Wiltshire and it’s very useful for short trips. The London Waterloo train hit it.

Both trains were moving slowly, which we know. These trains carried about 100 passengers. This was an extremely frightening event for the people aboard.

Thank goodness there weren’t fatalities.

This morning, the city was very happy as well as the county.

Martin Frobisher is Network Rail’s safety-and engineering director. He said that it wasn’t too soon to determine what caused the collision.

He stated, “Passengers must’ve had a very scary experience. We are deeply sorry.”

“A thorough forensic investigation is currently underway to determine what actually happened.”

Cameron Thrower, who had injured his shoulder and arm, was taken to the hospital. Cameron Thrower stated that he was about to leave the train after hearing a lot of noise and shaking.

We were being tossed about and I looked behind me to find a massive explosion of sparks and fire. This was a moment of great distress when all you can think about is “oh no!” until you finally get up and realize that something had gone horribly wrong.

The first moment of confusion was when you got up and realized you were at 45 degrees. But then, it was great to see people trying to figure out if they were okay.

“We tried to push open doors for people to escape. “It was something you don’t expect to see in your lifetime.”

Caroline Corbin, Salisbury’s mayor, thanked all those who helped throughout the night and the emergency services.

She said, “I’m relieved there weren’t any fatalities. I wish all those injured in collisions a speedy recovery.”

John Glen, the city’s MP said that he was grateful everyone was safe and there are “many questions” about what occurred.

SWR trains running between Exeter and Basingstoke and GWR trains running between Westbury, Portsmouth and Westbury were still affected Monday as specialist teams continued their investigation.

Customers are advised not to travel through Salisbury’s lines until Thursday at the latest.

SWR offers a 2-hourly train service from Exeter St Davids to Gillingham, and GWR provides road transportation between Salisbury & Romsey.

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