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Sara Duterte (pictured with her father, President Rodrigo Duterte) was widely anticipated to run for the presidency

Sara Duterte (eldest daughter to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte) will be running for Vice-President during next year’s elections.

It ends months-long speculation that she might run for office.

Her father cannot run for another term, so it was expected that she would be seeking to succeed her daughter.

As mayor of Davao City, Ms Duterte topped all opinion polls as the best presidential candidate.

Her new party, Lakas-CMD, is headed by Gloria Arroyo (ex-President Gloria Arroyo), who replaced another candidate who had pulled out.

Soon after she filed her candidacy, she was chosen as running mate to Ferdinand Marcos Jr. who is the son of late Filipino dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

The president of the Philippines and the vice-president in the Philippines are elected individually.

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Manny Pacquiao (an ex-boxing champ) is another popular candidate for the presidency. The mayor of Manila is also a possible contender.

Duterte was a controversial “strongman”, who came to power promising to lower crime and address the nation’s drug crisis.

Critics claim that Duterte encouraged the police to execute thousands of extrajudicial murders of suspects during his five-year tenure in power. This is what he calls his “war against drugs”.

International Criminal Court demanded a formal investigation into thousands of deaths that occurred during this deadly crackdown.

Initially, Duterte said that he would remain as vice-president. But, last month, Duterte changed his mind. He announced that he was retiring from politics.

But, Saturday’s reports – which he cited as his communications secretary- indicated that he planned to file for vice-presidential status ahead of the 15 November deadline.

Duterte senior will file his certificate for candidacy as the vice-presidency candidate on Monday. That’s what Duterte said,” Martin Andanar, president of communications told ABS-CBN.

But he stated that it was not certain what the result would be and that “I believe that that’s the plan right now.” It is not clear if the plan will remain unchanged tomorrow or Monday.


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