Siddharth: An Indian actor apologizes to Saina Nawal for her sexist tweet

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Siddharth appears mainly in south-oriented films

After his “sexist tweet” to Saina Nehwal, an Indian actor apologized to the badminton star.

Siddharth (who uses one name) said that he tried to make “rude jokes” to respond to Nehwal’s tweet.

However, his tone and words were not justified. He tweeted an apology on Tuesday night.

Sidharth had to tweet his outrage over an alleged sexual slur. The actor denied the charge.

Siddharth reacted to Nehwal’s tweet last week about a security breach that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had suffered.

  • Modi trapped in flyover security breach

On his way to the rally, Modi got briefly entrapped on a flyover at Punjab (North India), as protesting farmers blocked off the roads.

He returned later to Delhi, but he did not participate in the program.

It was described by the government as “serious negligence” and triggered a political furore over who was to blame.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), members of which accused the Punjab government, ruled over by the opposition Congress party of intentionally trying to compromise the security of the prime minister.

As both supporters as critics of BJP weighed into the controversy, it spilled onto social media.

Nehwal was a 2020 BJP member and she tweeted condemning the “cowardly attack by PM Modi from anarchists”, but did not name anyone.

Siddharth was a critic to Mr Modi and then tweeted her comments with the following: “Subtle chicken champion of all world… We are blessed to have Indian protectors.

This tweet, which was posted on 6 January began to gain attention during the weekend. It quickly attracted outrage from all parts of the political spectrum due to the alleged sexual languageplay by Nehwal in his sport.

Siddharth was told by Chinmayi Sripada that the comments were “crass”. Singer Chinmayi Sripada has spoken many times about women being harassed.

She said, “You have just contributed to the evil that a lot women fight against.”

India’s National Commission for Women, (NCW), even asked Twitter to ban Siddharth from their account.

Also, it wrote the Maharashtra police, in which actor is located, and asked them to investigate.

Siddharth attempted to correct his tweet by stating that he meant the expression “cock and bull”

The only way to avoid being unfair is by reading the other side! There was nothing disrespectful said, implied or intended. He tweeted the following on January 10: “Pretty much.”

That explanation was not accepted by many.

Several channels invited politicians to comment on the remarks. Some BJP leaders claimed the actor let his “hatred at the PM” get the better of him.

Others continued tweeting about the controversy, using hashtags such as #NarendraModiPunjabvisit, ensuring it remained a Twitter trend.

Right-wingers also tagged Bollywood actor Swara Bhasker as another critic of Modi, asking her to comment.

Nehwal said that comments made by PTI were not nice and told PTI news agency.

She said, “He is able to express himself better but I suppose it’s Twitter. You remain noticed with these words and comments.”

Siddharth removed both of his tweets, the one that triggered the controversy and his explanation later.

He tweeted late Tuesday night a note apologizing to Nehwal

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Siddharth starred in several films since his Tamil film debut almost twenty years ago. He is most well-known in southern films, but his role in Rang De Basanti (2006), a Bollywood smash, made him instantly recognisable for Hindi movie-watchers.

Nehwal is one of the most prominent sports personalities in India. He was the first Indian badminton athlete to be awarded an Olympic gold medal. Many credit her with instilling many women from cricket-mad countries to badminton.


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