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Sir Paul, pictured above left in late 1940s with his brother and mother. Mary McCartney said Mary McCartney kept our spirits up.

Sir Paul McCartney said that his parents are “the inspiration” behind many of his songs, and had a major influence on how he approaches music.

In a series insight, the ex-Beatle made his revelations for an exhibition featuring memorabilia taken from his personal collection at The British Library.

This includes photos of his family from Liverpool’s early years, as well drawings and postcards depicting the Beatles at Hamburg.

Andy Linehan, curator of the archive, stated that its breadth is “quite remarkable”.

Show includes 35 previously unseen items taken from the singer’s personal collection. He also shares his thoughts about these items.

He stated that his greatest influences were his parents, despite having many.

When I was thinking about the songs that I wrote at different stages of my career, my parents Mary and Jim McCartney inspired me to write so many songs,” he stated.

“My mom was very comforting and she, as many women are often, was the one who helped keep our family going.

She kept us up.

He stated that his father had “a lot of colourful expressions” like many Liverpool people today.

He added that “He loved words. He loved to juggle the them in his brain, and he had a lot of sayings that were either nonsensical, functional or just plain lyrical.”

“When you were shaking his hand, he’d say: “Put that there if its weight is a ton.”

Later, Sir Paul used these words in the chorus to Put It There which he released in 1990 as a single.

The exhibition includes his original drawing of the single’s artwork, as well as a selection of photos taken by his family including one where he wrote the song “I Saw Her Standing There” with John Lennon in his Liverpool home at Forthlin Road.

Mr Linehan stated that it was “quite extraordinary” for Sir Paul’s archive material to be kept “in such an organized manner”. Greg Buzwell, a fellow curator added that the materials offered insight into the “freestyle” way of writing songs.

Paul wrote “from inspiration”, he stated.

He would just look at something, and then say “I’ll write about it.”

He was inspired by almost everything.

Free exhibition at London Library opens on Friday, and continues until March 13, 2022.

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