Sophie EllisBextor stalker advised he might face prosecution

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Sophie Ellis-Bextor received a flood of abusive messages

The stalker that targeted Sophie EllisBextor could face criminal charges if he keeps in contact with her.

Nishil, 39, bombarded Murder On The Dancefloor star with “unsettling” Instagram messages.

Unwanted presents were also left at his neighbor’s house, believing that it was hers. A court found him to have repeatedly been outside the property.

A stalking protection order was granted by the City of London Magistrates Court

After meeting Patel in person in July 2013, Felix Keating, the Prosecutor, said that Patel was targeting magistrates.

Patel sent him hundreds of abusive messages.

Even after she deleted his account on social media, he kept in touch with her, messaging her instead under his username, which was his name backwards.

Patel began to appear outside of a house that he thought was Ms EllisBextor’s.

He made one arrest, leading to him being arrested on 26 April.

After leaving 30 parcels wrapped and addressed to him at her home on the 30th of October 2013, police issued him a warning.

He also left his initials on a wallet and messaged her saying “the wallet’s blue, not like your soul.”

The court was informed that Patel also communicated with Richard Jones, her husband and bass player for The Feeling. One of Patel’s five children, Patel, was also online.

According to Ms Ellis-Bextor’s statement, Patel’s behavior had “really upset” her. Mr Keating read it.

Patel denied the allegations and replied when asked if he had any objections.

Patel was sectioned and lost his job last February as a tax consultant.

If he approaches the singer physically or visits her home, he could be subject to criminal prosecution under the stalking protection order.

Additionally, he must provide passwords for all his devices capable of recording internet history and any passwords to social media accounts that he manages.

These measures will remain in effect for five years.


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